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    17 Tweets About Plants That Are Honestly Way Funnier Than They Ought To Be

    "RIP to my plant. i tried man u know that"



    THE SUN: I am 100 million billion pounds of burning hydrogen, helium, carbon, neon, and iron. PLANTS: Yum yum I’ll have that and a water.


    Went to check why one of my plants was lopsided in its pot and......oh.....


    succulent: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING me: it's been a few weeks, i thought you might want some water succulent: NO


    Asked my mom to open the blinds for my plants and she really just went above and beyond.


    me: *buys aloe vera plant* i'll name you healthcare


    i think my plant is dying idk what to do i give it water and sunlight please help it doesn’t have health insurance


    Dear past Garrett, A “dashboard succulent” is not a cute or good idea. Please do not do this.


    how many innocent succulents have been brutally killed by people trying to cure their depression


    RIP to my plant. i tried man. u know that


    therapist: how have you been doing this week me: i purchased several new succulents therapist: [scribbles "not good" in her notes]


    Predictive footage of me trying to look after all of my plants in the upcoming two days of 31 degree heat


    Me House Plants 🤝 Extremely sensitive and will die without attention


    millennial culture is buying a bunch of potted succulents to fulfill your evolutionary desire to care for something during your prime reproductive years


    i have cameras in my house that i can watch on an app while im away which is really cool bc i can see all my plants dying slowly in realtime


    if i walk into a girls house and she got like 50 plants i know shes a keeper because she already takes care of a bunch of useless fucks whats one more


    House Plants Me 🤝 Just feeling like dying for no reason

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