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    There's A New Microsoft Flight Simulator Game And People Are Finding Some Ridiculous Things Whilst Playing

    Buckingham Palace is a generic '90s office block.

    For those who don't know, Microsoft have released a new version of their flight simulator in which you can fly around a realistic earth. The game is incredibly detailed but some players have found glitches and bugs that make it a little weird to say the least. Here are some of the best glitches, hot takes, and jokes:


    Apparently, the new Microsoft flight sim has used AI to map the entire world. But it's not done it all that great, and turned Buckingham Palace into a generic 90s office block.


    People weren't lying about Flight Simulator 2020 Being impressive, this is exactly what Bergen looks like, EXACTLY.


    By far my favorite Microsoft Flight Simulator quirk is that it doesn't know how to handle palm trees, so Southern California is full of these terrifying obelisks jutting forth from the pavement like so many teeth.


    Can't stop laughing at this flight simulator in DC.


    my PC trying to play Microsoft Flight Simulator 😂


    In Microsoft Flight Simulator a bizarrely eldritch, impossibly narrow skyscraper pierces the skies of Melbourne's North like a suburban Australian version of Half-Life 2's Citadel, and I am -all for it-


    Lol Microsoft Flight Simulator is banned in China not because of cloud computing power but because it's real-world map is accurate enough that it would literally be illegal in China because of the Surveying and Mapping Law of the PRC.


    London Bridge has an invisible shield!!😲 : Microsoft Flight Simulator #LondonBridge #StuntFlight #MFS #MicrosoftFlightSimulator


    Via Twitter: @JanelleCShane



    Microsoft Flight Simulator should have an easter egg where you just fly over a Minecraft world.


    The scariest bridge in Microsoft Flight Simulator is this one in Portland that's just a solid wall with trucks glued on the sides.


    I just flew in from Microsoft Flight Simulator and boy are my arms office buildings


    Microsoft Flight Simulator may in fact be the ultimate dad video game.


    Thorpe Park looks a bit different on Flight Simulator😂


    adding "flew over Everest (in flight sim)" to my resume so i seem adventurous and outdoorsy


    less than a day until microsoft flight simulator 2020 comes out ! less than a day until i will no longer need to have sex for i will have found something better


    If I were the developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator I would simply ensure every inch of the planet was 100% accurate.

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