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Eat Your Way Through These Foods And We'll Tell You If Your Tastebuds Are American Or British

Your tastebuds never lie.

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  1. Pick something for breakfast:

  2. Wash it down with one of these drinks:

  3. Choose a mid-morning snack:

  4. Time for a spot of lunch!

  5. Pick a pizza:

  6. Which of these do you fancy?

  7. Time for something hearty:

  8. Choose a fruit:

  9. Choose one of these sausage-based foods:

  10. Pick a sweet treat:

  11. How would you like your potatoes?

  12. Choose a drink to pair with your meal:

  13. Which one of these meals would you like?

  14. Choose something to eat with your hands:

  15. And finally pick a dessert:

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