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    7 Things About Airports That Are The Best And 6 Things That Really Aren't

    Katsu curry and a pint at 4am, don't mind if I do.

    There are definitely two types of people. People who absolutely buzz off going to the airport and people who completely despise it. Here are some of the arguments for both airport lovers and airport haters.

    1. The obligatory airport pint.

    Are you even British if you don’t start your holiday with a pint at the airport?!

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    No matter what time of day, no airport experience is complete without a pint at the local bar. The beautiful thing about the airport is that the usual everyday constraints of time do not exist. There is no shame in guzzling down a refreshing pale ale at 3.45am. Have a drink traveller – it's your lawful right!

    2. Airport security can be a real pain.

    airport security: no liquids on the plane harin: okay [starts drinking it] airport security: people usually just throw the shampoo away

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    Yes we know it's for our safety and we are thankful for that, but it's still annoying AF.

    You have to quickly get everything out of your bag while being asked a load of questions. "Yes I packed my own bag, I'm an adult I'll have you know!"

    And then once you get through to the other side, you have to scramble to put your shoes on while you're grabbing all your loose change from the tray AND your jeans are falling down because you haven't put your belt on yet. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE just grab my copy of Ordinary People for the love of god!

    3. Yes I know I said I hate the security but there is one little part that I weirdly love – The beeper going off when you walk through the metal detector.

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    Call me crazy but there is a little part of me that wants the metal detector to go off when I walk through it. It gives me a little rush, it makes me question everything for a split second. You get to go through the big scanning machine that makes you feel like you're in Minority Report or something. Don't pretend like you don't get a little thrill every time this happens! In that moment I feel like a complete bad boy, I'm a rebel without a cause, I'm James fucking Dean!

    4. The food is overpriced and often bad.

    I hate when I pass up mad restaurants in the airport, thinking there will be more choices at my gate. Then, I get to my gate and it’s the Hunger Games with one Dunkin’ Donuts and people fighting for a crust of bread and drops of Dew from a leaf.

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    This is part of a bigger problem in that once you're in the airport, you are basically a prisoner there until your flight is finally called. This means limited food options and overpriced ones at that. You're basically at the mercy of a few chain restaurants or a sad looking packaged sandwich that you'll probably have to eat on the floor because there are no seats.

    5. That being said, you can totally eat whatever you want at whatever time with no judgement.


    Some airports have better food options than others, but what I have found with the lack of food options is that like the early morning pints, there are no rules to what you eat and when. Fancy a katsu curry at 7am? Go for it. Want a bacon double cheese at two in the morning? Be my guest!

    6. You usually have to pay for Wi-Fi.


    The absolute cheek of airports asking me to spend my hard earned cash on Wi-Fi?? Like how is this even allowed? Airports have you completely at their mercy and they know it. This is just another way for them to rinse you for everything you've got simply because you have no other options!

    7. The Duty Free section.


    There is something quite magical about the Duty Free section. The bright lights, the exotic smells, the giant Toblerones.

    Very rarely will I actually buy something but you bet I'll be getting every free sample possible to man. If you don't board the plane smelling like an orange grove crossed with smoked cedar wood, have you even been to the airport?

    There is no other place on earth where I will have the confidence to try on a pair of Gucci sunglasses followed by pretending I can afford a Rolex . In the airport I am Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman post make-over.

    8. There is always a lack of places to sit.


    Why in a place where there are so many people literally waiting is there so few places to sit? Do you seriously expect me to wait all this time standing up?

    There is always someone who is laid across four seats that is completely disgusted by you asking to sit down. If you are that person shame on you!

    9. The airport is one of the only acceptable places to sleep in public.

    10. In a place which is supposed to cater for so many people, why are there so few places to charge your devices?

    *steps up to microphone* “Every airport should have available plug sockets in departures” *leaves stage*

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    How am I expected to get through this holiday purgatory with my phone on 2% battery?

    11. If you're travelling alone the airport bar can be a great place to meet people.

    This is who I want next to me at an airport bar at 6 am

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    With such a huge melting pot of people from literally all over the world, the airport is weirdly a great place to meet new and interesting people.

    People have a whole bunch of reasons for travelling, why not getting chatting to someone? You never know who you might meet!

    12. For some people airports can be anxiety-inducing.

    If I ran an airport. Anxiety areas would be a thing. The water refill machines wouldn't be inside the bars. There would be snooze pods fucking everywhere. A wee guy handing out diazepam on request and every single chair would charge your phone. 😆

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    I used to be a lot more fearful of flying than I am now. By having more of an airport routine and addressing those concerns as well as just getting older I have been able to manage those fears. I find booking a morning flight not only allows me to extend my trip, it means that I am not thinking about the flight all day. I find keeping active and walking around the terminal is great for taking my mind off the flight whilst also getting a little exercise, which is also beneficial.

    13. But the airport can also be a great way to get some you time.

    does anyone ever just randomly want to be in an airport? like the early 4am rush, cute/comfy outift, all the coffee shops, headphones in, ppl watching, & the butterflies of excitement before traveling !!! damn.. a whole different type of fun tbh

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    Whether you want to sink some cold ones at the bar or catch up on your favourite podcast, time at the airport can be used to catch up on the simpler things. In a lot of ways airports are really restricting but oddly you also have lots of free time (if you arrive three hours ahead of your flight like me). I now see the airport experience as an extension of my trip and time I can use to wind down. For me, it's often a great way for me to finish reading that book, catch up on some sleep, or start a new TV show!