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    18 Pictures That Are Super Confusing Until You Work Them Out

    Sometimes your eyes deceive you.

    H/T to these brilliant Reddit thread: r/opticalillusions and r/confusing_perspective

    1. Do you see a some clothes hanging on a rail or an ominous face?

    2. Do you see a flamingo or is it a man dressed as a flamingo?

    3. Do you see two dogs taking nap or one mutant canine?

    4. Do you see two very strange looking torsos or two horses grazing?

    5. Does this dog have three eyes or is it just turning sideways?

    6. Is this lizard's lunch escaping or is it just a lizard shedding its skin?

    7. Do you see a floating torso or a man simply fishing?

    8. Do you see one huge hyena head or two hyenas?

    9. Do you see an incredibly uneven hallway or a bold carpet pattern.

    10. Do you see a plane crashing through another or is one plane just further away?

    11. Is this bathroom in need of an extreme makeover or is it just a funny prank to fool guests?

    12. Do you see a horse levitating or a very well placed shadow?

    13. Is this huge spider terrorising this house or is it just really close?

    14. Is this a huge living room hazard or a decorative rug?

    15. Does this dog have human teeth or is it pressing against some glass?

    16. Does this giraffe have a very short neck or is it it one giraffe leaning over another?

    17. Are these cats conjoined twins or are they just using each other for pillows?

    18. And finally, is this a faceless child or an unfortunate father and son photo?