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    45 Things We Must Do To Make Blockchain Better

    Blockchain is here to stay. Here is what we need to do to make it better.

    Blockchain is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

    While Blockchain was invented for Bitcoin, the Blockchain technology has created a torrent of new applications in industries like healthcare, music, auto, and AI.

    The technology is extremely promising. It has the potential to improve millions of lives. But because it is new, like anything new, there is room for improvement.

    I reached out to 45 Blockchain leaders, who shared with me their top concerns that need to be addressed in order to improve Blockchain.

    I hope you find this this useful, and that it may inspire some of the necessary improvements.

    Absolutely no filter

    Define the use cases

    Incumbent industries


    The blockchain is not navigable by anyone other than the technically proficient.

    We need to build in the capability to revoke or reverse actions

    Bullies, trolls and haters

    Became a Religion


    Keeping the same old power structure

    Financial institution envy

    Inadequate storage

    Price speculation

    Dumb experts

    No expert - we’re all learning together

    People want to cut corners

    Security of interconnected devices

    Lost Tokens

    Technical terms and jargon

    Focus on the monetary returns, as opposed to building core technology

    Perception that bitcoin and blockchain are synonymous

    Market reverberates to the news cycle

    Cause some jobs to become obsolete

    Cashing out process

    Valuable projects are underpriced but many bizarre cryptocurrencies are worth huge sums


    Patriarchal Thinking

    Government Stalling

    Fixed mindset in organizations

    Afraid of association

    Widening the digital economy gap

    Confusion between crypto and cryptography

    Mainstream media

    The unknown

    Inappropriate token-economics

    Can’t ever delete data

    Malicious authoritarian government hackers

    Environmental Impact

    Waste of computing power


    Some rules are not inefficiencies

    Who’s in charge?

    The lack of real applications

    Separate utility, security, and commodity tokens

    Mistake that Crypto will replace cash