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    13 Reasons We Can Be Excited About Blockchain

    Its much more than Crypto...

    Blockchain is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency. Simply put, Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

    While this was invented for Bitcoin, the Blockchain technology has unreleased a torrent of new applications in industries like healthcare, music, auto, and AI.

    The technology is extremely promising. It has the potential to improve millions of lives. I had the opportunity to speak with 13 Blockchain leaders, who shared with me some of the top reasons why they are optimistic about Blockchain.

    What excites me the most is its potential to be commonplace. We now have another way to track assets and store data?— One that is incredibly difficult to tamper with, and lets strangers interact without an intermediary. - Camille Morhardt of Intel

    The amount of money people have made and will make - Sheri Kaiserman co-founder of

    Most honest and pure form of democracy in the world.

    Consensus, which means the decentralized community is required to vote on any changes/improvements of a blockchain and it must be at least a majority vote for any changes to occur. Open blockchain truly is the most honest and pure form of democracy in the world. - Cynthia Blanchard, Co-Founder of Anthem Vault, Inc

    Leapfrog technology

    Blockchain can leapfrog technology that was never implemented in developing areas of the world, and provide a better solution. For example, decentralized digital identities can help the unbanked even if centralized banking infrastructure is not well established. - Danielle Stanko from Tata Consultancy Services.

    The raw chaos. As a very organized and straight-forward person, I needed to learn that this movement is swirling in full chaos. There are a ton of charlatans, wannabe experts and scammers, the tone is often rough. At the same time, you meet the most inspiring people, idealists, fantastic misfits and geniuses?—?that’s something I have never experienced in any other industry. In addition, there is no dress-code nor unspoken code of behavior?—?I love that! - Marion Vogel, Director and Head of Marketing and Operations at aeternity

    Ending generational poverty

    Ending generational poverty: By empowering traditionally marginalized people to build wealth with crypto, we accelerate closure of the wealth gap and spark change on a economic, social and cultural level within impoverished communities. - Daisy Ozim the founder of Resilient Wellness

    Universal truth

    Blockchain as a system is a vehicle for universal truth. When utilized correctly, organizations will be able to create universal truths and eliminate the individualized bureaucracy that we see in private companies now. - Jessica Higgins, JD MBA BB, Chief Marketing Officer of


    The unprecedented level of technological development and innovation in this sector; each day I am presented with a new “use” case that blows my mind. - Barbara A. Jones, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

    Takes the control from the central banks

    It takes the control from the central banks and eliminates the fees - Dawn Dickson CEO of PopCom

    Questions existing structures

    Blockchain technology questions existing structures. It is not that there is immediate replacement, but blockchain starts a dialogue that is extremely healthy for many industries. - Christina Roth, HERO

    Monetize own data

    The potential use of blockchains to allow individuals to monetize their own data because it can allow individuals to decide who can access their personal data and for what value. Morvareed Salehpour, Salehpour Legal Consulting

    Revisits trust

    I love how Blockchain revisits trust. In a traditional setting of human interactions, we need to trust what people say or do. We have no way of truly verifying that they wont change what they once claimed. By providing auditability of things that go on a blockchain, we can really be sure that they can’t be changed. Marta Piekarska, Director of Ecosystem for Hyperledger

    Bring people even closer together

    From my perspective it seems that blockchain and Bitcoin started to bring people even closer together. The technology itself and underlying philosophy supports a social movement of redefining boundaries, borders, cultural differences and freedom of people (not only financial but also intelectual, career wise, etc). The world is getting smaller, people can come together even faster and create value. - Joanna Pawluk, CEO and co-founder of Orion Vault