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7 Strategies To Help You Be A Great Parent Even If You Are Extremely Busy

I get it! Life today is so frenetic and busy...

Ben Ari 2 months ago

6 Easily Forgotten Ways To Avoid Burnout

Don't feel bad, it happens to most of us. But here's what you can do about it...

Ben Ari 3 months ago

30 Ideas To Help TV And Popular Culture Become More Representative And Diverse

Here are 30 things the community, society, and the industry can do help address the root of the diversity issues in the entertainment business

Ben Ari 4 months ago

5 Tips To Help You Become A GirlBoss As Well

You might not be featured in the next Devil wear's Prada, but you can still learn some great insights...

Ben Ari 12 months ago

Hear How Nine TV Stars Reacted When They Heard They Were Nominated For An Emmy

How would you react if you heard you were nominated for an Emmy? How do you think RuPaul reacted?

Ben Ari One year ago

45 Things We Must Do To Make Blockchain Better

Blockchain is here to stay. Here is what we need to do to make it better.

Ben Ari One year ago

13 Reasons We Can Be Excited About Blockchain

Its much more than Crypto...

Ben Ari One year ago

10 Things We Need To Correct Before Blockchain Gets Any Bigger

This tech is awesome, but here is what needs to be fixed while it still can...

Ben Ari One year ago

11 Major Lessons You Can Take Away From The Shark Tank

Even if you never get a chance to go into the ‘tank’ with your pitch, there is a lot you can learn from the show...

Ben Ari One year ago
Ben Ari One year ago

13 Of The Most Ironic And Funny Quotes From The Emmys Celebrity Interviews

Here are some of the most ironic and funny quotes from the celebrity interviews that I came across.

Ben Ari One year ago

6 "Often Overlooked" Ways To Make It In Hollywood

So you have dreams of becoming of Movie Star...

Ben Ari One year ago

5 Gritty Realities About The Music Industry

Yeah it looks really fun, but here is what it's really like.

Ben Ari One year ago