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20 Ice Cream Combos That Sound Weird But Are Actually Amazing

You'll need to sit down for this.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest ways they eat ice cream. Here we recreated and ranked the craziest concoctions:

20. Melted

19. Dry Oatmeal

18. French Fry Sundae

17. Cheesy Crackers

16. Astronaut Ice Cream

15. Feta Cheese

14. Sour Cream & Onion Chips

13. Olives

12. Pepperoni Ice Cream

11. Cheesecake and Spicy Chips

10. Olive Oil

9. Soy Sauce

8. Bacon and Sriracha

7. Pecans and Cheddar

6. Boston Baked Beans

5. Hamburger Taco

4. French Dressing

3. Coffee and Jalapeños

2. Egg And Ice Cream Shake

1. Ketchup

Photography by Lauren Zaser and design by Kirby Darland / BuzzFeed.

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