18 Reasons To Love Dolores Park

Perfection is a grassy hill that overlooks the city. And there’s no better place to enjoy some Ben & Jerry’s City Churned Ice Cream, made by SF for SF.

1. It's hella chill compared to other parks:

jpanthea / Via instagram.com

2. And it's no big deal to bring a dinner table:

crv716 / Via instagram.com

3. Or openly drink some wine:

ryrycalguy / Via instagram.com

4. The weather is only capable of being perfect:

iamjennyh / Via instagram.com

5. It's filled with the best dogs:

ngintel / Via instagram.com

6. There's a Truffle Guy selling chocolatey goodness:

rudeboistance / Via instagram.com

And his reviews on Yelp are super-positive!

7. (he even has his own t-shirt!)

weebalesebo / Via instagram.com

8. Every Easter, there's a Hunky Jesus contest:

saltyschwartz / Via instagram.com

9. Pianos just show up:

stellardraz / Via instagram.com

10. As do tons and tons and tons of bubbles:

jennasauris / Via instagram.com

11. On hot days, a massive slip 'n slide appears:

wanderlust_dust / Via instagram.com

12. And every day, there's a playground:

theoriginal_scotthart / Via instagram.com

13. You might see local celebrity, Frank Chu:

torbakhopper / Via Flickr: gazeronly

14. There's a robot who just wants to dance:

cielux / Via instagram.com

Impossible to not love.

15. The trees make you feel like you're at a beach:

danielnavarrooo / Via instagram.com

16. Macaws make regular visits:

sportsr4chicks2 / Via instagram.com

17. Even the sidewalk wants to play games:

georgiamaher / Via instagram.com

18. Bench + view of the city = best ever:

heresirfireeat / Via instagram.com

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