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    Strange Japanese Candy

    Here are 8 odd and (maybe?) delicious treats you can find only in Japan.

    Candy With Some Assembly Required


    DIY kit to make your own hamburger candy. Cheese, meat and lettuce are gummy and the patties are crunchy. Want fries with that?

    Candy That Wants You To Make Music

    Candy Japan / Via

    Whistle candy that tastes like the Japanese "ramune" soda popular at festivals. Blowing air through the hole makes a whistling sound.

    Candy With A Wrapper You Can Eat

    Candy Japan / Via

    You can eat the wrapper. It looks like plastic, but is actually made from rice. Citrus flavor inside.

    Candy That Grew In The Sea

    Candy Japan / Via

    This candy is made from seaweed. Enough said.

    Chocolate Candy Inhabited By Stars

    Candy Japan / Via

    These chocolate balls are the habitat of tiny crunchy balls and a star very happy to meet you.

    Candy That Hipster Ninjas Eat

    Candy Japan / Via

    The name of this candy is literally "ninja food". Tastes like sour and salty umeboshi plums.

    Candy That Thinks It's A Vending Machine

    Candy Japan / Via

    A bag of goodies, each modeled after an actual drink in those Japanese vending machines that are everywhere.

    Candy With Tentacles

    Candy Japan / Via

    Squid-flavored treat that actually contains no squid, but imitates it with bar made from fish paste with some squid-like flavoring on top.

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