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5 Subscription Boxes For Any Dad

Father's day is coming! Sign him up for some periodic surprises and he'll receive more than just boring bills in the mail.

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1. Handy Box: Tools & Gadgets for DIY dad

No matter if your dad is a beginning DIY-er or an experienced handyman, this box keep bringing new useful tools each month. Everything from basic tools that everyone should have to useful gadgets that are just plain cool and handy. Each Handy Box contain 4-6 different items, with a total value of $40 or more.

Monthly price: $24.95

2. Mystery Tackle Box: For the Big Catch

Whether your dad is an expert of a novice angler, Mystery Tackle Box can help him in his angling endeavors by introducing the latest products and techniques. Mystery Tackle Box works with both large well known brands as well as smaller manufacturers he might not otherwise get to experience. He'll receive a monthly box filled with a variety of fishing products, focusing on as baits and lures.

Monthly price: $15 per month

3. Candy Japan: for Anime-nostalgic Weeaboo Otaku Dad

The cult anime 'Akira' was released 26 years ago. Many of the teenagers who were into it at the time now have kids of their own. If the dad you have in mind is one of them and has a sweet tooth, let Candy Japan surprise him twice a month with exotic Japanese candies and snacks.

Monthly price
: $25.00

4. Dollar Shave Club: "Our blades are F***ing Great"

Save your dad the trouble of razor blade shopping. Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service which sends subscribers a monthly shipment of high quality razor-blades. It even saves money compared to brand-name razor blades.

Monthly price: $6.00 per month for 4x Blade (4 cartridges per pack), other tiers available

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