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12 Victories Non-Morning People Understand

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1. You only slept through your first alarm.


Thank goodness for that backup and backup backup.

2. You had the wherewithal to get a clean spoon for your coffee.

Even if it was only used in milk before and it's only going to be used in milk today, you should clean it.

3. You answered an email from bed and didn't sound like you wanted to destroy the entirety of the human race!


You're a champ!

4. You waited until the shower was warm to get in.

The amount of times you've jumped the gun into an ice-cold stream is innumerable.

5. Your hair has what some would describe as a "style."

And that's what you were going for!

6. You ended up with matching socks -- on the first try.

It's the little things.

7. You unplugged your phone without ripping your charger out of the wall.

8. You only spilled half your coffee.

Mug half full!

9. You left when you wanted to leave, and not at the drop-dead OMG-get-out-the-door-RIGHT-NOW-WHAT-ARE-YOU-DOING?!? time you usually leave.

Which is a small (but crucial) five minutes later.

10. You picked the right lane for avoiding traffic.

And made up the five minutes you were running behind!

11. You got to work *just* before your boss.

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And looked like you were in the middle of a very important call. Nailed it.

12. You said something witty on your conference call.

You're pretty much set for the day.

And you didn't want to hit reply all and so you DIDN'T hit reply all.

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Sounds like a serious #MorningWin, courtesy of belVita!

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