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33 Thoughts Everyone Has On Their Morning Commute

Commuting can get frustrating. Make your mornings more delightful by adding belVita bites to your breakfast. They provide four hours of nutritious, steady energy all morning long. #MorningWin

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Walking Out The House:

1. UGGGGHHH, I'm so tired. Why did I have to stay up so late?

2. No seriously, I am the walking dead. Except less attractive. And more dead.

3. Positive thoughts: I'm up! I'm alive! Let's do this!

4. Hmm, do I have a 9 a.m. meeting?


5. Do I have time to stop for coffee?

6. Wait... did I put on deodorant?

7. Would my dream last night make a good book?

8. ...Or movie? 😏 🎥


In The Car:

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10. Make this light, make this light, make this light!

11. Why is every station playing the same song?

12. What?! Why aren't people using their blinkers?

13. Yes, you can get in front of me, Mr. Minivan.

14. Ahh, I'll stop for gas after work.

15. My favorite parking spot better not be taken.

16. Wonder how different my commute would be if I took public transportation.

On Public Transporatation: (CC BY) / Via

17. Why is the subway so dirty?


19. Delay? Again? I better not be late.

20. Please let there be a seat, oh please.

21. Gross, now I have to hold on to the pole.

22. Wait, why'd we stop in the tunnel?

23. I wonder what that person is reading?

24. And why that girl is laughing at her phone?

25. Is that guy sleeping going to miss his stop?

26. Hey, human boombox, how are you not deaf?!

27. If you have a bike, why aren't you riding it to your destination?

During The Final Stretch:

28. Yikes, I'm cutting it close. I hope my boss doesn't walk by my desk.

29. Would it be weird if I walked in late, with coffee?

30. How fast can I actually power walk?

31. Superpowers would be helpful right now.

32. I should start leaving the house earlier...

33. ...or at least pack a breakfast to go.

Attaining a superpower is tricky. belVita bites provide nutritious, steady energy to help you tackle your commute and the rest of the morning, while you figure it out.

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