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13 Thoughts Everyone Has Had Pushing Through The Workday Haze

The workday struggle is more real than ever before.

1. Wait, it's still morning? How is it still morning?

2. I just checked all my social feeds, but I should probably do it again, just in case there was any breaking news.

3. Why must I be so popular and important at work!?

4. Oh man, boss is coming by. I need to look busy.

5. What a productive afternoon, I accomplished everything on my to-do list.

6. What is wrong with me? Do I know how to spell? What even are words anyways?

7. My eyes are burning from staring at this screen...maybe if I just close them for a few minutes.

8. I responded twice to the same email.

9. Body, why must you fight me? I have things to do!

10. I was focused on my work for almost 30 whole minutes, I deserve at least an hour of internet browsing for that.

11. Who schedules a last-minute team meeting for 5:45?!

12. "TGIF, am I right?" "You do know it's Tuesday?"

13. So that means I've gotta do this all again tomorrow?

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