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12 Little Morning Wins That Always Make Your Day

These accomplishments are no small feat. Try belVita breakfast biscuits for nutritious sustained energy all morning long. #MorningWin.

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1. Waking up exactly one second before your alarm goes off.

2. Finding your slippers right away.

3. Turning the hot and cold faucets to the perfect temperature on the first try.

4. Achieving the perfect ratio of cream to sugar to coffee in your morning java.

5. Turning on the morning news just in time to see that your favorite band is dropping in for a surprise performance.

NBC / Saturday Night Live / Via

6. Putting your hand in your coat pocket and finding a crumpled $20 bill inside.

Napoleon Dynamite / Fox Searchlight / Via

7. Looking in the mirror before you leave to magically find a good hair day.

8. Watching the train pull up right as you get to the platform.

9. Or, if you drive, grabbing a sweet parking spot by the entrance.

Via Or if you drive, grabbing a sweet parking spot by the entrance.

10. Finding your headphones not insanely tangled.

11. Playing music on shuffle and all your favorite songs come on in a row.

12. And, of course, getting to the gym and your favorite machine is free for the first time in weeks.

When you have a tasty breakfast to reach for, every morning is a victory!

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