12 Reasons Breakfast Is Better Than Your Boyfriend

The first meal of the day is always a winner, unlike you-know-who. Eat a belVita breakfast for steady energy all morning long for your own #MorningWin.

1. Breakfast thinks you look great even first thing in the morning.

2. If breakfast could, breakfast would definitely do the dishes.

Seven Secs / CC / Via youtube.com

3. Breakfast knows exactly how you take your morning coffee.

4. It doesn’t take all the covers at night.

5. And it never has morning breath.

6. Breakfast always lets you pick which movie you’re going to watch together.

Columbia Pictures Corporation / The Cable Guy / Via televandalist.com

7. It never forgets your birthday…

And it always gives you exactly what you want.

8. …brings you flowers just because…

9. …and always notices when you’ve done something different with your hair.

Vicky Chr / CC / Via youtube.com

10. Breakfast is a great listener.

Tiger Aspect Productions / My Mad Fat Diary / Via cliffpantones.tumblr.com

11. Breakfast has great personal hygiene.

12. And it would never like another girl’s photo on Instagram.

Android Geek IT / CC / Via youtube.com

But the best part about breakfast? It’s always there for you to start any day off on the right foot.


You can always count on belVita breakfast biscuits to turn any morning into a #MorningWin.


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