12 Adorable Ways To Start Your Day Off Right

These furry friends will put a smile on your face. Want to experience a #MorningWin? Here’s how you can start any day off right.

Good morning sunshine!

Want to experience a morning win? Here's how to can start any day off right:

1. Steal the covers, just for a bit.

Victory is yours!

2. Try to wake up your significant other with kiss.

It’ll immediately brighten their morning.

3. Stretch! Time to attack the day.

Wiggle them toes of yours.

4. Go downstairs and make a delicious cup of coffee.

A warm cup in your hands makes the world good and peaceful again.

5. Play a quick game while you wait for the coffee to brew.

(We won’t tell.)

6. Do a dance while you brush yo teef.

The world is your oyster!

7. Take an extra few minutes in the shower.

Because you are a champ who does NOT forget the bubbles.

8. Brush your hair 90x as if you were royalty.

You got up early, so you definitely have time. Purr-fect.

9. You look great - have a personal fashion show in your closet and find the perfect outfit.

You go on with your bad self.

10. You've got extra time - call up your friend back and catch up on the hot goss.

“She said what?!” - man, waking up early is starting to pay off.

11. Ready? You've already gotten so much done but it's time go.

Yeah! Go you! You got this.

12. Head off and start your day!

Fasten your seat belt — today is going to be a good one.

And don't forget breakfast! It will start your day off right so you can have a #MorningWin.

belVita / Via youtube.com

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