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8 Questions Pinays In Their Late 20s | Early 30s Face

... single Pinays to be specific. Being single Filipina in your late 20s, early 30s is usually a big concern not just for you but also for your family (who just loves you very much, way too much).

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3. Don't you have any plans to work abroad?

Exploring beyond your territory is being suggested for, you know, the possibilities. Sure, it is an option.

But if that was that easy, I wouldn’t be here enjoying our family reunion my dear young cousins.

5. So *insert batchmate’s name here* got married, when are you planning to follow her steps?

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, sure. But it is also a sure fire trigger to that one topic. As if question #1 in this list is not straightforward enough.

Again, please refer to whatever my answer is in question #1.

6. Do you want me to introduce you to my friend's son?

Maybe not yet familiar with the idea of online dating, lovely relatives are more than willing to play cupid for you.

Actually, Tita, I think I can manage on my own unless that guy is cute.

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