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10 Ways Pinoys Deal With This Cold Weather

As "ber" months officially started, Pinoys should brace for colder temperatures. Being so used to our tropical weather, this is how some of us deal with it.

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2. Buying thicker clothes (Mostly from Ukay-Ukay)

Being so used to tropical weather, we have sandos and shorts in stock. But the cold weather is asking for a different set of clothing. And where else should we get them? Of course, from our favorite thrift shops/second hand stores.

3. Time to use the extra blankets reserved for visitors

Our hospitality usually means we have extra blankets for the visitors. Those blankets, which used to be untouchable, are now being put to good use for our own comfort. Those blankets are no longer exclusive for Tita and Tito.

5. Saving money to go to the beach… on March

Suggesting to your friends about going to a beach trip these days will either give you “Are you serious?” reaction or you will just be seen-zoned. Instead, we save the money and plan that trip in the upcoming warmer months. The beach can wait.

6. Thinking that every place is Tagaytay or Baguio

Our Instagram feed suddenly is filled with “Tagaytay/Baguio” peg posts because really it’s that cold. We handle it optimistically by actually feeling as if we traveled far and high to get those chilly winds. No need to travel north of the country.

7. Acing the winter fashion game, without getting funny looks from other people

Sure, winter fashion is only for countries with winter... but that was before we experienced this cold weather. Filipinos are so adaptable, we are already making winter clothing our game and it’s totally acceptable.

8. Post about the cold weather on Facebook

Being identified as one, if not the top, of the most engaged in social networking online, Filipinos post almost everything in FB. Posting a screenshot of the very cold temperature as per our weather app is one of them. Can you feel it?

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