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    Ranking 30 Of My Favorite And Least Favorite Gossip Girl Couples From Horrible To Adorable

    I've watched Gossip Girl four times and counting, so I thought I would give my ranking of my least favorite to my favorite couples. Were Blair and Chuck a match made in Heaven, or should they have called it quits long ago? **SPOILERS**

    30. Jenny and Asher

    Jenny and Asher walking down a staircase

    29. Rufus and Ivy

    28. Serena and Ben

    27. Chuck and Jenny/Vanessa

    26. Eric and Damien

    25. Jenny and Damien

    24. Eric and Asher

    Ok, they weren't even really a couple. They only kissed a few times, but I feel like the whole purpose of them was to put a divide in between Eric and Jenny since they had both been with Asher.

    23. Blair and Dan

    22. Serena and Tripp

    21. Nate and Diana/Catherine

    20. Dan and Georgina

    19. Lily and Bart

    18. Blair and Louis

    17. Lily and Rufus

    16. Serena and Steven

    15. Nate and Serena

    14. Nate and Jenny

    13. Dan and Olivia

    12. Lily and William

    11. Dan and Serena

    10. Blair and Nate

    9. Dan and Vanessa

    8. Chuck and Raina

    7. Nate and Vanessa

    6. Nate and Sage

    5. Chuck and Eva

    4. Eric and Jonathan

    3. Serena and Carter

    2. Blair and Chuck

    1. Cyrus and Eleanor