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    We Interviewed The Final 3 Queens On "Canada's Drag Race" And The Shade Rattle Was Shaking

    "I will perform Beyoncé until I can't stand up anymore, until I'm as old as Icesis"

    We've been recapping Canada's Drag Race all season long—

    And we've been through a lot together. From deadly sins to a circus themed musical, it's been an amazing ride full of talented queens (and stunning looks from Brooke Lynn Hytes might I just add). 

    With the finale right around the corner, we got to chat with the sickening Top 3 of CDR2. Say hi to Kendall Gender, Icesis Couture and Pythia. And me, who is not in the Top 3 but dressed for the occasion anyway.

    screenshot of video call with 3 queens
    drag queens out of drag around work room table
    drag queen with 2 heads
    drag queen dressed like an evil queen
    drag queen dressed like a pony

    The finale of Canada's Drag Race streams on Crave Thursday at 9 pm. Who are you rooting for to snatch the crown? Let us know down below!