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The Internet Is Down Across Canada, And Here Are 20 Of The Funniest Tweets About It

Rogers customers can just read this later.

Internet, phone services, and even ATMs have been down allllllll day thanks due to a major nationwide Rogers outage.

Here are a few tweets from the lucky ones who've been able to get online today:


Rogers is down. Had to read a shampoo bottle while sitting on the toilet like a chump. Not gonna lie, all these years later, the bottle still holds up.

Twitter: @andrewphung


still wondering how they were able to tweet this...

Twitter: @BuzzFeedCanada


Can some Rogers employee please just go use the Bell internet at Starbucks to tell us what’s going on with this outage?

Twitter: @jennymreid


I guess we all know which friends are on @Rogers now.


Rogers still down Canada wide I need to be refunded for the whole month since your network is made from twizzlers @Rogers

Twitter: @ftblsince1905


When ⁦@Rogers⁩ is your internet provider #rogersoutage

Twitter: @dm_tats


I swear Rogers being down is the adult equivalent to a snow day #internetdown

Twitter: @Grosso__


Hey @Rogers please unplug your modem, wait 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. If that doesn't work I can have a technician there next Tuesday between 4am and 11pm. #rogersoutage #rogersdown #Rogersinternet

Twitter: @russd27


Rogers customers across canada waiting for there internet to come back on be like #nointernet

Twitter: @_Sebbies_


At least we all have a conversation starter other than the weather today. #rogersoutage am I right?"

Twitter: @NillyHasanova


*Canadians assuming that the 1000 different power and internet outages this summer are finally behind them* Rogers:

Twitter: @Kevon_wp


Happy 12-hour birthday #RogersOutage 🥳

Twitter: @jesseschooff


Now I know why ppl still buy DVDs :( #rogersoutage

Twitter: @TunOfBall


Rogers Let’s Not Talk Day #internetdown #rogersoutage #nointernet #canadawide

Twitter: @EliseGoodhoofd


if there's anything i wish americans understood about the uniquely canadian experience, it is that hating rogers is part of the citizenship exam. anyway, no one has phone service in the country right now.

Twitter: @Scaachi


Anyone else with a Rogers internet and cell phone plan relieved to find out that it's a nationwide outage and that it wasn't just you forgetting to pay your bills? I know I am.

Twitter: @BigDre87


I love how @Rogers is down and telus has taken advantage of this unique and marketable opportunity #rogersoutage

Twitter: @yumnazafar6


when there's a canada wide rogers outage but your workplace uses bell 😒 i wanted a snow day

Twitter: @olivialeavitt


You can tell who the Rogers customers are in my neighbourhood because they’re all mowing their grass right now. #rogersoutage

Twitter: @nomdechatnoir


Twitter: @MattCundill

Good luck out there today folks, and remember to be nice to retail and service employees!