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    13 Small Canadian Brands To Support This Holiday Season

    Shop local!

    With the holidays right around the corner, there's still time to shop Canadian small businesses who deserve all the extra love this year.

    And if there's anything Team BuzzFeed Canada likes to do— it's shop. From beauty and wellness to alcohol (and everything in between), here are our fave small Canadian businesses that we've loved in 2021!

    blue sparkle background that says Isabella's Picks

    Kokum Scrunchies

    Good Grief

    3 bags full of herbs that say Good Grief

    Toni Marlow


    colourful bars of soap
    blue sparkle background that says Liza's Picks

    Little Buck

    Coterie 72

    gift box with 3 different wines


    100 Years of Love


    Bodega Wellness

    person in a canoe holding a tincture bottle
    blue sparkle background that says Kyle's Picks

    Sex and Gold

    Jolly Cut Cocktail Co.

    Corktown Soap

    Have any local faves? Let us know down below!