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    The Gay Prom On "Canada's Drag Race" Had Us Actually Wishing We Were Back In High School

    And the Prom Queen is...

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for Canada's Drag Race Season 2. 🚨

    Shine your shoes, get your makeup appointment booked at the mall, and order that limo— it's prom night on Canada's Drag Race.


    And while high school doesn't always hold the best memories for queer people, Episode 8 is about to rewrite that yearbook. Here are 18 promposal worthy moments from this week's Drag Race:

    1. Top 5?! I feel like I blinked and we're already here.

    people sitting around the werk room table

    Time flies when you recap Canada's Drag Race every Thursday night and stay up until 1 AM making GIFS, I gotta tell you! 

    2. Another week, another Ru riddle.


    Who said the following quote: Ru to the Season 2 queens OR the 3 wise men to Mary on Christmas? 

    "Whether you're a virgin or going all the way, 'tis the season for a queen to slay".

    3. Brooke and his little mullet comes out and gifts the queens video calls from their loved ones.


    You could tell which were the moms calling because they were soooo close to their screens. Classic mom vs. iPad behaviour. 

    4. Kendall and his partner had me in tears.


    They're so in love! They're so beautiful together! They're soulmates! I want that! *Lights a pink candle to manifest love for the 7th time this week*.

    5. The maxi challenge this week is all about celebrating gay teens at Gay Prom with a makeover! *Squeals*

    group of people cheering around a table

    I haven't been a gay teen in years and yet I did in fact have an intrusive thought during this episode which was: so why wasn't I asked to be in this? DELUSIONS! 

    6. Sorry, but this Fabricland Wall rivals the Neutrogena Wall of episodes past.


    This wall is DRAG. I can only hope the jingle is the lipsync song. 

    7. All the teens are introduced, and Kendall matches them all up with the queens perfectly.


    I'd actually love a podcast hosted by Pythia and their partner Clover. These thoughtful humans! Yes angels, deconstruct gender! Tear it apart! 

    8. These kids are so confident, so mature and SO sure of themselves.


    The kids really are alright. 

    9. The way I was actually taking notes during Brooke Lynn’s modeling lesson.

    Muppet Wiki / Via

    Cross your legs while walking, got it got it. 

    10. The limo is here, and it's time for prom. First off, Ruby Couture's submission tape for Season 3.


    Do Icesis and Ruby match? No. Do they both look absolutely stunnereesh? YES! 

    11. Kendall and Stormi Gender took us back to the stone age with their Flinstones inspired mother/daughter looks.


    Stormiiiii baby! 

    12. Next up, Bella Donna stuns while Adriana squeaks in bear-ly there latex.


    Although the family resemblance wasn't clear, I appreciate that Adriana was probably getting to the bottom of her suitcase and thought, this would be an amazing time to debut my ass teddy bear. 

    13. A big brava to Pythia and Apollo who really got an A+ on the prom assignment.


    Gorgeous, thoughtful, goth. What more could we ask for from gay prom?

    14. And finally, Gia and Electric Metric rounded out prom with amazing looks...


    And... amazing names. ELECTRIC METRIC? Please. 

    15. This episode is a good reminder that Drag Race is a lot more than just a show.


    Listen, it's corny but it's true! What a world this show has opened up, and these kids are proof of it. 

    16. I think I can safely say that our hearts collectively sung as a nation when Pythia won.


    17. As someone with her whole ass on Team Icesis, I was a nervous nelly seeing her in the bottom.


    But the second she started shimmying in all that fringe, I knew she had it in the BAG! 

    18. And even though Adriana gave us the gift of her little butt bear, it was time for her to sashay away.


    19. But before she put the bear away, we had to ask Miss Adriana what her gaggiest moment of the season was:

    20. The winner is right around the corner. Give us your finale predictions below!