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    Last Night, Canada's Drag Race Committed Every Deadly Sin In Just One Episode

    The queens at The Sinner's Ball left us begging for forgiveness.

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for Canada's Drag Race Season 2. 🚨

    Episode 6 of Canada's Drag Race dragged us through hell and back with The Sinner's Ball— and I loved every minute of it.


    Although I'm still recovering from all the amazing looks, I did have a moment to collect my thoughts on this sinfully good episode. So let's get right to it.

    1. Every season has a narrator, and this year ours is Kimora.


    Think of the work you could accomplish, the mountains you could move— if you had Kimora narrating your day. I'd literally have an EGOT already. 

    2. This episode, Rupaul gave us Shakesqueer.


    Mother GOOSE has arrived! 

    3. And Pythia gave us Banksy in the artist mini challenge.


    Ah, I see! So the whole point of Banksy destroying their own art was to reflect that they themselves are their own inner saboteur? After Pythia's performance, it all makes sense to me now. I am free. 

    4. All while Icesis gave us the great Meredith Marks.

    Crave, Bravo

    Okay, so there's obviously an intersection of Canada's Drag Race fans and Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans out there. In the words of Roxxxy Andrews, "Where my people at? Where my people at?"

    5. Come on prop budget!


    Season 2 has a bit more money in the bag to spare for some dry ice, and what a great comfort that is. 

    6. I really think "The Sinner's Ball" is one of the best ball themes ever.

    View this video on YouTube

    World of Wonder / Via

    Eek! Cover your ears RDPR's Season 4! 

    7. Love that the queens had to make a look based on one of the 7 Deadly Sins.


    I'm shocked, confused, and confuddled as to why there's no “Which of the 7 Deadly Sins Are You?” Quiz on this little website.

    8. I'd obviously get sloth, and this is what my look would be:

    9. The queens chatting about pronouns is an episode highlight.


    This show isn't just about glamour, it's also about education. And thank god for that! 

    10. Brooke Lynn Hytes’ Mullet Appreciation post:

    11. This show doesn’t get cute, it gets Gigi Gorgeous.

    gigi gorgeous on the runway in all gold and a gold crown

    I've been watching Gigi Gorgeous content basically since Youtube was invented, and I have LOVED seeing all of her mainstream success. Petition to make Gigi a permanent judge, go! 

    12. Here are my favourite looks from The Sinner’s Ball, starting with the Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll category:


    Gia Metric is our very own Guitar Hero, and I loved Icesis and her amazing Jem and the Holograms illusion on the runway. 

    13. Next up the category is: Ugly As Sin.


    Gia Metric completely chewed me away (see, we can do puns here TOO), while Icesis was knit-fantastique.

    14. And of course, a very special shoutout to Kimora who created a truly unforgettable moment on stage.


    Gigi said it best: “To transform pain into art and be able to captivate that on stage, that's so powerful”. We love you Kimora!

    15. Last but not least, the category is: The 7 Deadliest Sins.


    At the risk of sounding repetitive, Icesis also took this one for me as wrath!

    16. At this point in the competition, my whole entire ass and soul is on Team Icesis Couture.


    Miss Hellraiser is on a roll.

    17. NOT HEAVEN BY DJ SAMMY D as the lipsync song *throws laptop*

    View this video on YouTube

    This is on my Gino Beats playlist several times. Untz untz untz!

    18. Synthia Kiss is SUCH a star.


    Gone too soon, but we will never forget what they've done for the community (ie. Clowns The Rusical). Thank you for everything queen! 

    But we couldn't let Synthia leave without saying goodbye, so I asked them what their gaggiest moment of the season was:

    queen on a bed singing

    "My most gag-worthy moment was when Traci and Brad told us the Rusical was going to be live!! Cue the lemon, tea and honey, baby!"

    We're halfway through Season 2 of Canada's Drag Race. What does your Top 3 look like? Let me know in the comments below!