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    Canada's Drag Race Is Doing More For Chromatica Than Lady Gaga, And Here Are 19 Reasons Why

    Sorry, did Brooke Lynn Hytes just say Chromatica?

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for Canada's Drag Race Season 2. 🚨

    Alexa? Play "Bye Flop". It's time for the girl group episode of Canada's Drag Race!


    This episode had everything:

    Woody from Toy Story, a trip to the planet Chromatica, and a highly anticipated appearance from Bif Naked and her iconic bangs. So let's get into it! Here are 19 thoughts I had while watching Episode 5 of Canada's Drag Race: 

    1. Kimora's look from last week kicked the episode off on a high note.


    Says Kimora Amour wearing the most gorgeous, beautiful, stunning outfit Canada’s Drag Race has ever seen. Yeah girl! Believe it! 

    2. Snaps for the sex education quick drag mini-challenge.


    tit-orial, if you will. As someone who went to Catholic school— this whole concept is foreign to me. Never seen this before. No idea what's going on. 

    3. Icesis could have done Miss Frizzle for Snatch Game.


    Seat belts everyone! We're learning how to put on a condom! 

    4. I don’t know if I necessarily learned anything...


    Except that Gia is actually kinda hot, even as a banana. 

    5. You have no idea how much I look forward to the girl group episode every season.

    BBC / Via

    Sure, is it hard to top "UK Hun"? Yes. Are the Canadian queens gonna try with “Bye Flop”? Yee haw, bring on the country pop! 

    6. “I don’t f*ck with Taylor Swift.”

    Taylor Swift / Via

    Says Kimora Amour on the day of the 10 minute "All Too Well" release. Gasp! Let it be known that with this statement, we've never seen bravery like this on television before. 

    7. I was actually very starstruck seeing Bif Naked.


    See, Bif Naked is MY Taylor Swift. I’m a Biffie. 

    8. Icesis being their little brother's Drag Mom brings a whole new meaning to Drag Family.

    two drag queens standing next to each other

    Savannah Couture for Season 3! 

    9. Three words: Brooke Lynn Hytes.

    10. Giddy up girls, it’s story time!


    Kitty Girls was SO good. Their outfits were consistent, their energy matched, and if I’m lucky— there’s still time for this version of "Bye Flop" to land on my Spotify Wrapped this year. 

    11. There are so many country references you can do...


    And the Dosey Hoes did literally all of them— including Kendall Gender as Woody from Toy Story. The boys from Brokeback Mountain are rolling down the mountain as we speak. 

    12. Huge news: my Scary Spice doll had the same boots as Synthia Kiss in this episode.

    Crave, Spice Girls / Via

    I was going to say— spot the difference. But I am now realizing that one is cow print, and the other is zebra. So I guess yeah! I spotted the difference!

    13. This Mono-Chromatica theme is doing more for Lady Gaga’s Chromatica era than Lady Gaga has.

    8 drag queens on stage in monochrome futuristic looks.

    In Chromatica, no one runway outfit is greater than another. 

    14. Seriously, God bless the team at Canada’s Drag Race for this runway theme!


    You know a producer got the email that the Chromatica Ball in Toronto was cancelled and they thought… okay! Let’s have our own then. Oh, Miss Germanotta wants to abandon this era so she can win another Oscar? Not on OUR watch.

    15. Okay, so Synthia Kiss really walked the runway in an Aritzia bike short didn’t she?

    Crave, Aritzia / Via

    I can clock an Aritzia Atmosphere Hi-Rise Short from a mileeeee away. I am a Toronto girl after all. 

    16. Gia deserved that win SO much.

    Queen winning, wearing purple futuristic outfit.

    Not only did she put on a show, but she was also a thoughtful team captain— which we don’t always see on Drag Race. 

    17. The critiques this season are so much more constructive than last season, right?


    Not to bring up the the Jeffr*y B*wyer Ch*pmen of it all, but the judging panel is a completely different vibe this year. Even when critiquing the Dosey Hoes, they peppered the girls with some positives too. 

    18. Eek, I was really hoping the lipsync song would be "Moment of Weakness"!

    View this video on YouTube

    Atlantic Records / Via

    But there is no bad Bif Naked song, so rock on girls.

    19. It was her time to sashay away, but the show will not be the same without Eve 6000.


    I’ll see you at drag brunch soon babe!

    But before then, I asked Eve what her gaggiest moment of the season was:

    What was your fave version of "Bye Flop"? Let me know in the comments down below. See you next week! Bye flops!