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    17 Moments From Episode 3 Of Canada's Drag Race That Had Me Screeching

    It's time to scream, queen!

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for Canada's Drag Race Season 2. 🚨

    Is it spooky in here? Or is it just Episode 3 of Canada's Drag Race?


    It's an acting challenge everyone, so cellphones on silent and shut your mouth, the show is about to begin! Here are 17 moments from "Screech" that were extra haunting. Boo!

    1. It’s a rule: a good season of Drag Race ALWAYS has a crier.

    Crave, World of Wonder

    In this house, we salute our Canadian Farrah Moan— Eve 6000.

    2. The queens' reactions to guest judge Fefe Dobson also made me scream.


    I once saw Fefe Dobson in concert with my crush, and it changed the trajectory of my life. To be clear, I'm not sure how yet. But I do know I walked out a different woman/14 year old. 

    3. Welcome to the stage: Fairuza Calk.


    The creative juices in the Drag Race writers' room this season were really flowing. We are the weirdos, sister! 

    4. I believe Stephanie Prince when she says she can see ghosts.


    I would also believe Stephanie Prince if she said she was abducted by aliens, uncovered the head of the New World Order, saw Big Foot etc. 

    5. Kendall Gender going as Posh Spice in Grade 2 for Halloween is incredibly relatable.


    Now, I'm no Gender & Sexuality major, but I can confirm that a universally queer experience is realizing that Victoria Beckham made you gay. 

    6. Synthia Kiss is really giving Brandy Melville.

    drag queen with a smock dress and head band.

    And that is okay! Sometimes headbands actually need more visibility in the media.

    7. One thing an acting challenge is always gonna do? Confuse the heck out of me!

    facial reactions of a queen looking confused with mathematical equations overlayed on top
    @skvllet / Via Twitter: @skvllet

    It doesn’t matter which country, language, or queens are performing— I kinda just black out during acting episodes and come to when the runway is happening. Which leads us to... 

    8. *GASP* BROOKE!

    9. It must be said: Canada's Drag Race has AMAZING runway themes.


    "Good Girl Gone Bad" is creative, unique, and ultimately... pretty much a Rihanna reference. And the queens came with CONCEPTS! Like MOLD! 

    10. Eve 6000 is sooo that one moon emoji.


    If the moon was a big ol’ freak! 🌚

    11. Trend alert? Catholicism honey! *Snaps*


    *And then kneels* Bless me father for I have sinned, I’m using someone’s Crave account who I don’t talk to anymore.

    12. Screech is very meta.


    But I'm glad that even in this alt-horror version of Drag Race, the Shoppers Drug Mart chairs remain unchanged. 

    13. Screech is also very long.

    facial reactions of a queen looking confused with mathematical equations overlayed on top
    @skvllet / Via Twitter: @skvllet

    It’s a show… within a show, within a show? Wait, where am I right now? What time is it? How long have I been here for? What the HECK is my name???

    14. A wild Jimbo appearance snapped me out of it.


    The clown episode was LAST week silly Jimbo! 

    15. Adriana is very sweet (literally), and I’m so glad she got her moment!


    “What’s ominously?” —Adriana, and also me, a professional writer Googling to make sure I also have the definition right.

    16. I would like to hug Fefe Dobson.


    And then play "Bye Bye Boyfriend" on repeat for 6 hours. 

    17. I actually cannot believe Stephanie Prince is GONE. Just like that?


    Our Jollibee queen—babe, please come back. I need you! 

    One of my absolute fave queens, it was a treat to bump into Steph and ask her what her gaggiest moment this season was:

    Crave / Via

    "My most gag worthy moment of the season was my mini challenge look from Episode 2 where I represented Calgary with a striptease". Yeehaw! 

    And remember: stay true north, strong and fierce. Who was your favourite runway look this episode? Comment down below!