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    18 Moments From "Canada's Drag Race" Season 2 Episode 2 "Under The Big Top"

    Welcome to Cirque du Ru-leil.

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for Canada's Drag Race Season 2. 🚨

    We’re back for Episode 2 of Canada’s Drag Race. And hold onto your clown noses because this episode had everything.

    queens in the workroom around a table

    Between bearded ladies, live singing, and a two-headed queen, here are 18 moments from "Under the Big Top" that had me shooting out of a cannon.

    Despite what you'd think, I don't actually use that many circus puns in this recap so I'd encourage everyone to just relax and keep reading. 

    1. This lipstick message.


    You can't tell me Beth's mirror message didn't have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. Give it the crown! 

    2. In case you forgot what country you're watching,

    Crave, TVO

    The producers give us a helpful reminder we’re in Canada because werk is spelled like wérk. I don't remember this lesson from Téléfrancais! but this seems accurate I think.

    3. Traci Melchor, welcome back legend!

    Disney Channel

    Traci is beyond qualified to be a judge on Canada's Drag Race. For example, she was in an episode of Lizzie Mcguire. Season 1, Episode 23— you're welcome. 

    4. I didn’t even need Ru to tell me this week’s theme was the circus…

    man with colourful patterned matching shorts and button up shirt

    Brad’s look was literally serving “Big Top”. 

    5. I wish the "Queen of My Neighbourhood Pageant" was a main runway theme!


    It got me thinking— what would I do for my hometown neighbourhood of Etobicoke, Ontario? Dress as the Queensway Cineplex?

    6. Trend alert: Canada’s constant, never-ending construction.


    Are these pylon looks a critique of how condo culture is rapidly deteriorating our cities? In this essay I will...

    7. A live Rusical is always risky—

    View this video on YouTube

    World of Wonder / Via

    But an international season did give us the sensation that was Rats the Rusical, so there's no reason that Canada can't absolutely GIVE. 

    8. I love when the queens have to audition for their roles.


    Tag yourself: are you Bing, Bang or Bong? I’m… Bong if you can even believe.

    9. Thoughts while watching everyone learn the Rusical choreography:


    “Could I, a one-time provincially ranked tap dancer, be able to pick these moves up easily?” (The answer is no).

    10. I cannot stress to you enough how much I need a Shopper’s Drug Mart director’s chair.


    You walk into my apartment, and you see a Shopper's Drug Mart director's chair. WYD?

    11. Werkroom chats are one of the best parts of the show.


    Call me a Pisces moon, but I really do be crying when the queens share their stories. Stephanie Prince and Océane Aqua-Black really hit at the heart strings this episode. 

    12. Brooke Lynn Hytes deserves several Heritage Minutes for her runway look.

    brooke lynn in a canadian heritage minute episode
    Isabella Torchia / Via Government of Canada/ Crave

    Is it controversial to say that Brooke's looks this season have literally zooted Rupaul right from my mind? Gag!

    13. How TF was Synthia Kiss just safe?

    Twitter: @bestofrpdr

    Sorry, but Courtney and Adore riffing off in Shade the Rusical could never. Of course I pay my respects to the queens that paved the way for amazing musical episodes (hi Rosé!)— but wow Synthia's voice! It shouldn't be a surprise though, this is the country that birthed Céline Marie Claudette Dion after all.

    14. Under the Big Top NEEDS a Tony.


    Ultimately, it's better than Wicked. It’s better than Les Mis. And it's GOING to take Phantom of the Opera off Broadway finally. 

    15. Pythia has my fave look for the second week in a row.

    queen walking the runway with two heads.

    This actually might be one of my favourite looks in Drag Race HISTORY. So incrediblé, I had to do a double take (okay, that was a good one). Sarah Paulson who? 

    16. I ultimately don’t think Bing, Bang or Bong should have been in the bottom.


    MESSINESS? WHERE? They were looking camp right in the eye!

    17. Girlicious as the lip sync song cemented this episode as one of the best in Drag Race history.

    View this video on YouTube

    UMG / Via

    *Keyboard smash* iehf;isdhg;hdfhashg;hf! Girlicious NEEDS to reunite. NOW! 

    18. Océane Aqua-Black is a truly iconic queen.


    I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of her. We love you! 

    I couldn't let Océane go just yet, so I stopped her on the way out to ask about their gaggiest moment of the season:

    And remember: stay true north, strong and fierce. Did the right queen go home this episode? Who are you rooting for? Comment down below!