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    19 Times I Was Gagged By The Season 2 Premiere Of Canada's Drag Race

    Category is... Shopper's Drug Mart.

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for Canada's Drag Race Season 2. 🚨

    Oh, Canada’s Drag Race— how I've missed you. Sure, there are other countries to watch in the bottomless Drag franchise, but Canada is home. And therefore has the best drag queens in my humble little opinion.

    cast shot of all the queen's from this season of canada's drag race in pastels.

    Season 2 premiered last night, and I’m still tingling from this stunning cast of queens. (Okay, so maybe the tingling is from the ocular migraine I got from the fluorescent Werk Room, but that’s for my doctor to figure out at a later date. I have a show to ru-cap).

    7 drag queens sitting around the work room with drinks in hand

    There were a million moments that gagged me in Episode 1 "Lost and Fierce", but here are my main ru-takeaways.

    Note to self—  sometimes adding "ru" to things actually doesn’t work. Interesting. 

    1. There are SO many queens from Quebec this season.


    Adriana, Océane Aqua-Black, Pythia, and Suki Doll are really serving me “not this time Toronto”.

    2. The floor should be in the running for the crown.


    I’m sorry but the floor in the Werk Room is actually crazy and whoever designed it NEEDS! A! PROMOTION! 

    3. Stephanie Prince can dance, rap, and loves cilantro.


    I love Stephanie Prince for many reasons but mostly because I fundamentally think Stephanie is an iconic name. Stephanie Meyer, Stephanie Tanner, Stefani Germanotta. All queer legends. 

    4. Does Kris know about Kendall Gender?

    drag queen with a brown bodysuit with white dots and sash

    I’m nervous for the doll. Is there a cease and desist around the corner? 

    5. All the best Drag Race seasons have cliques.


    We had The Heathers. We had Rolaskatox. And now we have Vancouver’s very own— the Bratpack. I’m terrified of Gia Metric, Kendall Gender and Synthia Kiss and yet? I'd crumble at their feet seeking approval.

    6. Even though Ru isn’t physically in the Werk Room, it's nice she’s spiritually with us.


    Like a true deity, Ru appears floating above the queens to give them their mini challenge hint. Ultimately, I’m happy she’s here. Cash that cheque girl!

    7. New judges Brad Goreski and Amanda Brugel are already a lovely change to the judging panel.


    Do not get me wrong. I live, laugh, long for Miss Stacey McKenzie. But Amanda Brugel’s shoes were amazing so I’ve moved on already. 

    8. The re-record of the theme song is certainly… something!


    I gasped hearing Emmy Winner Rupaul Charles say the words “Shoppers Drug Mart” in the opening credits. Talk about having pride for the homeland. (My homeland is Shopper's Drug Mart).

    9. This mini challenge separated the fierce queens from the “no upper body strength” queens.


    When Eve 6000 had to have a poor PA retrieve her from the foam pit with a Little Bo Beep hook, it sent me to an early grave tbh. Now that’s a relatable queen. 

    10. My thoughts while watching the mini challenge:


    "Okay, all these queens are literally so brave? Is this Survivor?"

    11. My thoughts while watching the queens de-drag back in the Werk Room:


    “I need this wall of Neutrogena wipes installed in my rental unit immediately.”

    12. I wish every episode of Drag Race had a design challenge.


    This coat check concept was such a cute spin on the always-entertaining runway design challenge. But I couldn't help but wonder, did the jacket I left at Crews and Tangos in 2012 make it onto one of the racks? 

    13. No knees are safe from Drag Race.


    Océane Aqua-Black joins Eureka O’Hara and Victoria Scone in the infamous Wrecked Knees Club. All queer people have bad knees (including me dear reader), so in actuality this is an amazing ratio.

    14. BROOKE LYNN HYTES! *Squeals* *Faints*

    drag queen in gold flowy outfit on the runway

    Brooke's runway look is giving Academy Awards. And I don’t mean, oh she looks like she’s about to win Best Actress. I mean like, she actually looks like the Academy Award. 

    15. These Canadian queens can really put together some looks.

    drag queen with neon green dress, and cow print purse.

    A lot of these runway outfits were fierce. My fave was Pythia’s neon moment, but I was genuinely impressed with all the queens. They made me extra excited to see what else they're gonna turn this season. 

    16. Berets are IN honey!


    Trend alert. Between Pythia’s confessional outfit and Icesis Couture’s winning beret look— it’s a oui oui oui from me.

    17. Eve 6000 is NOT a flat earther! But she is a drama queen.


    At the end of the day, I love a queen that pulls focus (I've been a Silky Nutmeg Ganache fan from day one after all). Why wouldn’t you want your drag queens to be drama? Eve 6000 said, I’M GETTING MY SCREEN TIME! And you know what? She got it. 

    18. Maneater is one of the greatest songs ever written.

    View this video on YouTube

    Get Nelly Furtado on the show. I need it. We need it! 

    19. I love Beth. I’m a Beth STAN. BRING BACK BETH!

    WOW Presents, Crave

    My friend Charlotte texted me this while she was watching and I screamed! Beth— in all your Honey Bun Delano glory, I can safely say that we'll all miss you dearly. Gone too soon but never forgotten.

    Luckily, I got a little extra time with Beth after she sashayed away. Her gaggiest moment of the season?


    "Definitely seeing not 1, not 2, but 3 of the Bratpack walk into the workroom! That was definitely gag-worthy."

    Who are you rooting to snatch the crown this season? Comment your ru-pinion down below!