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    7 Weird Things About Bellarmine University You Wouldn't Understand Unless You Were Here

    There are a few quirks to campus that might surprise you until you've been here for a while.

    We used to be a men's college... and a women's college.

    In June 1968, Bellarmine College and Ursuline College merged to form a co-educational college that is now Bellarmine University. This year, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of that merger with a year-long celebration.

    Pineapples. Pineapples everywhere.

    We're mighty fond of pineapples at Bellarmine. There's even a pineapple in our crest! Pineapples represent hospitality, and that is one of Bellarmine's key values. We even have a podcast about campus life called The Pineapple!

    What even is "Merton Spirit?"

    In a word - inclusivity. Thomas Merton had a long relationship with Bellarmine, and we hold his values of interfaith awareness and the interconnectedness of all life as critical to our mission. If you want to know more about Merton, you can visit the Thomas Merton Center on our campus, or peruse the center's digital archives.

    That plume on the Knight's helmet is more than you think.

    Look closer. Closer... there? Do you see it? It's a dove!

    We may be a Catholic university, but all faiths are welcome!

    We may be Catholic in tradition, but folks from all faiths and walks of life are welcome at Bellarmine. Our Campus Ministry office can help connect you with nearby places of worship and opportunities to serve in the community.

    Bellarmine is an NCAA Division II school... and Division I school.

    Bellarmine is well known as a Division II school for our successful basketball programs, but we also have a Division I lacrosse team. Next time you're on campus, be sure to welcome our new head coach, Jim Mitchell!

    The "freshman 15" isn't what you expect here.

    Part of the charm of Bellarmine's campus is its beautiful, rolling hills. As a side effect, we have plenty of stairs and inclines between your bed and your next class. It's not uncommon to lose a little bit of weight in your first year!