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One Direction Did Carpool Karaoke On The Late Late Show And It's Everything

Thank you, James Corden!

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James Corden has blessed the world ~yet~ again as he released another episode of Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show, this time with the world's biggest band: One Direction. Here's what happened.

Harry called off his kale diet for the day and had a cheeky Maccas milkshake.

They even stumbled across some fans while they were filming. Lucky gals.

Niall sang What Makes You Beautiful ~just to us~.

Harry messed up his Drag Me Down high note, but they ever so endearingly laughed it off.

Poor little Niall was famished.

James hit the high note in Story of My LIfe so well the guys questioned if they needed a new fifth member...

Louis played a cute game of Peek-A-Boo with us.

1D is not the type of boyband to wear matching outfits or dance in sync, so naturally James made them do both.

Niall hammed it up and sang his No Control solo in the most obscene fashion possible.

But, this post doesn't even begin to some up all the greatness that is #1DCarpoolKaraoke. Who wouldn't want to be trapped in a car with 1D for a few hours?

~~~Wayyyyyy up, we feel blessed~~~

Watch the full video here:

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