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Liam Payne's Shirtless Selfie Is Causing Mass Hysteria

Proceed with caution.

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Here we are four days after Christmas, and everyone is minding their own business, still eating leftover ham and being lazy AF.

Everyone except for Liam Payne, that is.

One Direction may be on hiatus, but by the looks of the shirtless selfie he just posted on Instagram, Liam hasn't exactly been taking a break — from the gym at least.

Yes, while we've been filling up on leftovers, he's been hitting the gym to "dust" off "Christmas weight" and chisel his perfect chest.

Instagram: @fakeliampayne

Needless to say, fans liked what they saw.

All were scalped.

Many were impressed.

Some were offended.

But all were thankful.

Thank you, sweet Liam, for making this Tuesday a whole lot better. Bless you.

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