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Here Are 25 Of One Direction's Best Moments To Mark Their Five Year Anniversary


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4. That crybaby Zeflie that went down in history.

6. All the love shared between Lilo over the years.


8. That time Liam kinda went commando.

11. That time Niall danced around in his tighty whities.

13. When baby Theo was born.

Feat. Niall's biceps

15. This train wreck hot mess of a video that was their reindition of Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty".

View this video on YouTube

17. When Liam let us know the truth about Harry.

Ignore harry I'm not moody he's just mad because I filled his shoes with mayonaise

18. When Ziam was alive and cuddling...

19. The famous Narry pool day.

June 14th - Harry Styles and Niall Horan at their hotel pool in Miami, Florida-

22. When they went to Ghana in support of Comic Relief and Red Nose Day.

24. When Harry and his toothbrush were (temporarily) obsessed with Vine.
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