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Boyband Worlds Collide As Zayn Malik And Joe Jonas Hang Out In Paris

All the feels as the two ex-boybanders hang out together at Paris Fashion Week. Oh, and Kayne was there too.

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On June 24th, Zayn Malik and Joe Jonas tore up the internet after these pictures were released of them at Valentino's show at Paris Fashion Week.

In true Jonas-Malik fashion, everyone freaked out.

omg imagine if they dated brb writing a fanfic in my mind pls do not disturb for the rest of the day

You guys will never understand how happy I am because of zayn and joe it's like my childhood just revived and made good with my present

And then Joe went a step further and made their new friendship insta official.

Don't worry, he tweeted it too.

Rollin' with the homies @maisonvalentino ✌🏽

But, it gets better! Today at the Louis Vuitton show, Kayne joined in on the crew!

But what could they be talking about?

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

...or collab... or boy-band supergroup... / Via

...or collab... or boy-band supergroup...

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