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23 Of Liam Payne's Most Perfect Moments To Mark His 22nd Birthday

The cutest human bean on earth is turning 22 today, so to celebrate here's some of his best moments.

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ICYMI, Liam Payne, current sultry-selfie king of One Direction, is turning 22 today! Let's take a walk through some of his best and hottest moments.

1. That time he bursted into a ball of fond during a concert.

2. That time he worked the runway.

3. Remember when he won us a teddy bear at the fair?

4. That time he showed us that he knows how to smize.

5. He can be a pretty giggly boy.

6. He knows how to work the camera Trya Banks style.

7. His hair looks that good even after he works out.

8. Sometimes his chest hair comes out to play.

9. He makes plain white t-shirts look good.

10. Oh and he's got moves, too.

11. Did we mention that his eyes sparkle?

12. Oh, and his back looks like that.

13. His arms look like THIS.

And like THIS when they're sweaty.

14. He owns a Princeton shirt so he's obviously incredibly intelligent.

15. Oh, Liam, put that away! Or don't..

16. If singing wouldn't have worked out, surfing would've been a viable option.

17. Did we mention he writes a crap ton of 1D' s music?

18. What's hotter than Liam? Liam holding a little baby.

19. Is that money raining on him? It suits him.

20. He's even got the splitz down pact.

21. He loves to go 0 to 100 with the hottie to puppy dog face. And he can make a jean jacket look good.

22. Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln... those abs...

23. He wears velvet tuxedos with bowties.

Happy birthday, sweet bean!

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