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16 Times Niall From One Direction Was The Biggest Fangirl On Instagram

Happy 22nd birthday to the fangirliest of the fangirls.

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Being a member of the most popular band in the world doesn't stop this 1D guy from being a fan of other artists. So naturally, his Instagram is very star-studded.

1. The time he and John Mayer were just chillin' backstage.

2. When he ~just so happened~ to sit courtside with Jamie Foxx at the U.S. Open.

3. When he hung with fellow talented Irishman Hozier.

4. When he, Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson became your casual friendship goals.

5. When Fleetwood Mac superstar Lindsey Buckingham came to a One Direction concert!

6. When he killed time with his BFFL Michael Buble.

7. When he casually chilled with his bro Ashton from 5SOS.

8. When he relaxed at SNL with Will Ferrell.

9. The time he had some mad hangs with Katy Perry.

10. When he extended his squad beyond actors and actresses, since he's a big sports fan.

11. And when he was just caddying for Rory McIlroy at the Masters. NBD.

12. When he was so into his tennis match that he posted a photo from his couch.

13. Or when he took this #broselfie with Neymar. 😍😍😍

14. But don't even get him started with his favorite band...

15. He's crazy about those 1D guys.

16. But, can we really blame him?

Thank you Niall, for being the fangirl we all wish we could be. Happy 22nd birthday! 😉😘

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