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12 Reasons My Papa Is The Best Papa!

'Cause Father's Day is the best day to tell you!

1. First, you are great at giving advice.

"Get out of CEGEP in 2 years!"

2. Because you have many years of age and experience.

Happppppppyy Birthdaaayyyyy!!!

3. It's OK that you're scared of heights...


4. Because you still will fly to a hot, sunny vacation spot!

One of your favourite things.

5. Even though you love the sun, you ROCK the winter.

Go, Papa, go!!!

6. For a Papa, you are very photogenic.

And I, your beautiful daughter, am eternally grateful for your smiling genes.

7. You sure can chow down!

Not only on lobster, but on MANY chocolate chip cookies, Cheetos, chips, ice cream, and Mama's great meals.

8. You can also cook a pretty good meal!

Even if it is sausages and rice!

9. You've got some pretty cute kids.


10. And you have a pretty, pretty wife!


11. But together, you've got a family that is wonderful and who loves you and needs you! <3

#1 Papa!

12. Lastly, even when the family is together and doing something familial, you still managed to get us to an arena.


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