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Classic Disney Princesses Who Don't Need Princes Anymore.


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It has been long time to see princes in Disney movies. (Princes are not cool anymore) How about the classic Princesses? Do they still need princes? Let's take a look.

Snow White - Music producer

Bekzin / Via Instagram: @bekzinart

We already know she is good at music, but that's not all she has . She knows how to make people at side of her. Animals, dwarfs, and even the hunter became her side. This is also as important as the ability to make music to be a producer!

Belle - President

Bekzinu / Via Instagram: @bekzinart

She is smart, brave, generous, decisive, and supportive to SOCIAL MINORITIES. She knows what is right, and she does things which is right. She can see things more than meets the eye which THE Mr President can not do.

I hope first female president of America would be like her.

Disney princesses have been idols of all girls in the world, and they affect girls when they grow and build their dream. I was also one of the girl who was fascinated by them.

However, now I know they don't have their own life. None of classic princess were helpful when I decided important things in my life because all they showed me was just happy marriage with princes.

Nevertheless, I still love those girls because I know that they give people hope and make people dream. Just that dream needed to be renewed.

What I wanted them to show us with my illustration is "GIRLS CAN BE WHATEVER THEY WANT". Even It seem like male-oriented business, things are gonna be different soon. The world is changing now, and I have witnessed that.

For example, there is one thing that already has been changed that I can simply say. GIRLS DO NOT NEED A PRINCE anymore.

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