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    31 Things I Found On TikTok That Are Actually Really Cool

    Sometimes the endless scrolling pays off.

    1. A kitchen s'mores maker that'll bring the best part of camping indoors, thus eliminating the need for camping at all. Indoor people, rejoice!

    A reviewer's s'mores maker in use with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers in the tray

    2. Mosquito Dunks to kill mosquitos before they're even big enough to bite you.

    hand holds doughnut shaped tablet over koi pond

    3. A hair funnel that lets hair go directly down the drain without getting tangled and creating surface hair clogs. This works best for crossbar pattern drains — only use it if you have plastic pipes!

    ridged funnel inside drain

    4. A pet hair remover if you'd prefer your furniture to be fur-free. You can tell Fido to stay off the couch all you want, but dogs don't speak Human! Instead, use this roller to reclaim your seating.

    Reviewer photo of a black pillow covered in white dog hair and you can clearly see which side they brushed with the fur remover because all the dog hair is gone in that section

    5. Canvas — a stunning art-inspired board game where players compete in a fictional art competition. Collect art cards to layer your paintings and win Best in Show.

    board game with painting like box

    6. Cloning paste that can be applied to any nodes on the stem of your plant to promote new growth. So see that leggy plant over there that's all stem, no bushy leaves? This fancy goo can help! It's made for orchids (hence the name; the keiki is a plant produced asexually by an orchid plant) but works on a variety of plants, like begonias.

    left: reviewer's orchid with many buds right: the buds have now bloomed into a shocking amount of flowers, i think over 20

    7. A windshield cover to keep your car as cool as Lightning McQueen.

    eyes on a windshield cover

    8. An inflatable mattress that sets itself up. Seriously, plug it in, pick your firmness level, and watch it blow up on expandable legs.

    9. A sleek-as-heck USB alarm clock — seemingly every nightstand has been sporting it lately. And with good reason! It has two USB ports for easy charging.

    A reviewer's alarm clock with two devices plugged in

    10. A pack of eco-friendly sponge cloths that are highly absorbent and dishwasher-safe, so you can cut down on your — quite frankly — ridiculous paper towel waste.

    11. A convenient cereal dispenser for anyone who would rather be hitting up the hotel continental breakfast. These keep your cereal fresh and allow for easy dispensing.

    The cereal dispenser holding two kinds of cereal

    12. A genius soap dispenser and sponge caddy that keeps the soap directly under the sponge so you can apply more suds with a single push down.

    A sponge resting in the dispenser caddy

    13. L'Oreal's Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation for a long-lasting base that reviewers swear by because it delivers luxury results at a pharmacy brand price.

    before and after of model wearing the foundation

    14. A crystal sun catcher shimmery gem window sticker that 1) just looks really cool and 2) shoots rainbows into your home when the sun hits it!

    gem sticker with fractured rainbow light

    15. A toothpaste dispenser to keep your counters clear *and* dispense the perfect amount of toothpaste every time.

    The toothpaste holder holding two tubes and three brushes

    16. A children's camera that beats taking pics on your phone: It's lightweight, adorable, has 15 photo frames, and boasts filters that put Instagram to shame. Amazon didn't have good review pictures so I beg you to watch the TikTok.

    small handheld pink camera

    17. Cruelty-free lengthening mascara that's lightweight, won't transfer, doesn't smudge, and lasts all day — oh and makes your eyelashes look like tall, beautiful skyscrapers.

    Reviewer before and after of their light, almost invisible lashes that are now dark and look fuller after applying the mascara
    Reviewer photo of their naked lashes before and after application showing how lengthening the mascara is

    Promising review: "Love this mascara! I’ve used the 'best of the best' designer, super hyped, ultra popular mascara available and NOTHING compares to this stuff! I don’t even bother using a lash curler anymore! I buy two at a time so I always have a spare (yes, it’s that good!!). I highly recommend this particular mascara...it goes on effortlessly, it lasts pretty much all day, and the price — I feel like I’m almost stealing it! I’d give it 10 stars if I could!!!" —chulaboola

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    Check out the TikTok by @lilymmua

    18. A Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro — it's pretty much a vacuum and mop in one. People with shedding pets swear by it for collecting stray hairs that the regular vacuum missed.

    19. A vegan, small-batch candle with a hidden bonus: the labels are full of seeds! Once the candle is done, fill with soil, plant the label, and grow flowers.

    ceramic pot with candle

    20. A lint remover that works on clothes, furniture, and carpets so you can reclaim your things from hair and general schmutz.

    21. A Joy-Con grip with a built-in cup holder so you can enjoy a refreshing treat while scaling Death Mountain or trying to get a perfect shot of Pikachu on the beach.

    can holder with area on either side to clip in switch controllers

    22. An inflatable hot tub because sometimes you just need a good hot soak but don't wanna commit to having a giant hot tub in your yard year-round.

    23. Ship of Theseus, a many-layered book from J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst. It's kind of a book within a book with a fake library checkout list in the front and annotations throughout. You read both the book and the annotations to solve a mystery and watch two characters fall in love!

    the book with all the cards and more around it

    24. Light-up wheeled sneakers for anyone looking to make the most dramatic entrances (or exits) possible.

    25. A minimalist, unobtrusive efficiency timer that doesn't tick, uses a solid color instead of numbers, and has a quiet alarm, making it a gentle way to track your time.

    two timers with solid colors that slowly turn white as time goes down

    26. A "bookie cushion" so you can close your book with a satisfying "FRRRRRT!"

    whoopee cushion in book

    27. A veggie peeler shaped like a gigantic sharpener. While this nostalgic item looks like it could fit into your old pencil case, it'll do just fine in your kitchen drawer.

    giant sharpener sharpens carrot

    28. Fuzzies — a delightful Jenga-like game that trades blocks for fuzzy pom-poms.

    fuzzy balls in tube shape next to cards

    29. Fake Halo nail polish from Mooncat that will make your fingers feel like little disco balls. 

    A model with holographic white nails

    Mooncat is a woman-owned, vegan, and cruelty-free small business founded by Michelle Lin.

    Promising review: "I received my first one in the mail. It was so easy and smooth going on. Two coats later, AMAZING, vibrant, beautiful color. The way the light dances off of my nails, the sun shining off the polish, the prismatic guess have me mesmerized. Yep, I picked two more colors a week later. My daughter is now hooked as well. We love this polish and will be picking out a few more. This is the ONLY polish that we use now." —Johnine L. 

    Get it from Mooncat for $15

    Check out the TikTok by @checkyesmichelle

    30. A turtle-shaped beer layering tool so you can get a perfect black and tan beer (or Arnold Palmer) every time. 

    Promising review: "Does what it says! The trick is to pour the Blue Moon so it has a nice head on it and then pour the Guinness over the turtle slowly so it filters through the head. Can do the same thing with a spoon, but this little guy makes it into quite the show. 😁 Impress your friends and family today! 🍻" —Stacy Tomlinson

    Get it from Amazon for $11.45

    Check out the TikTok by @2ndcitywolverine

    31. An at-home slushy-making cup that will help you on your quest to discover what every single beverage tastes like in slushie form. Just freeze the cup for four hours, pour in a cold drink, and crush the sides of the silicone cup until a slush forms. 

    The small cup shaped slushy maker
    A model crushing the silicone cup to make a slushie

    Promising review: "I’m an absolute sucker for slushies. Why? Heck if I know. I saw this cup on TikTok, and bought it though I was very skeptical. However, it works!! I’ve made at least a dozen already, if not more." —C. Warrick

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99 (available in ten colors). 

    Check out the TikTok by @myslushycup_

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