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    63 Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Put Their Ex To Shame

    It turns out love is a competition — and you're in it to win it.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. A handmade ring featuring the cityscape of your choice.

    2. I Choose You (Every Day & Always) — a charming and relatable book about how your love is a conscious choice and something you build together.

    3. A Fizzics beer system that makes cans or bottles of beer feel like draft beer.

    4. An assortment of nuts that walnut fail to impress this Valentine's Day.

    5. A multi-use skillet with room to cook a bunch of food at once, so you don't even have to wake up that early to surprise your SO with breakfast.

    6. A couple's Question a Day journal that helps you two log and track your journey of ~love~.

    7. A subscription to Winc — a service that mails them tasty wines right to their door.

    8. A pair of baseball park map glasses to celebrate their favorite team, even if you're a fan of the rival team.

    9. A mini tin of Tabasco chocolate proving their theory that hot sauce really does taste good on everything.

    10. A Nudes photo album you can fill with tasteful boudoir photos, or just regular photos of the two of you hanging out.

    11. An elegant initial necklace for a seemingly thoughtful gift, even if you buy it super last minute. Thank yooou, Amazon Prime!

    12. A Schrute Farms sweatshirt worth giving a really good TripAdvisor review for.

    13. And a custom star mug you can give them, even if they forgot to go to Kelly's America's Got Talent viewing party.

    14. Aaaand a game of Guess Who? to really test their Office knowledge.

    15. A bag of Death Wish Coffee for people who like their coffee as black and intense as the Grim Reaper's cloak.

    16. Or a subscription to Atlas Coffee Club so their taste buds can travel to new countries every morning.

    17. Why So Ever Bards Dispense Profanity — a fun party game that uses actual Shakespeare quotes to create some pretty hilarious situations.

    18. A pair of heart mugs and bamboo spoons we're sure will be their cup of tea.

    19. A pizza box filled with 'za-themed socks we promise aren't too cheesy.

    20. A heart-shaped box full of jerky, for loved ones who are always saying they prefer salty over sweet.

    21. Or a salami bouquet to give to the best person you'll ever meat.

    22. A five-pound bag of Albanese gummy bears to give to your sweetie with a sweet tooth.

    23. And a Quip toothbrush to make sure that sweet tooth doesn't get a ton of cavities after all that gummy-gorging.

    24. A beer-scented soap for the perfect add-on present when you want to shower them in gifts.

    25. A book full of prompts on why you love them, because sometimes you need a little help finding the words.

    26. Hot honey or truffle hot sauce to bring some 🔥heat🔥 to the relationship.

    27. A custom pet pillow of their favorite furry friend, because double the pets is double the fun (when one of them doesn't have to eat or go for walks).

    28. A shipment of American Wagyu beef staples so you can have a fancy as heck dinner at home and avoid the crowds.

    29. A felt letter board so you can really spell out how much you care.

    30. A gin making kit, which might be a fun project to do together — almost as fun as drinking it!

    31. A subscription to Comma Vintage, a service that mails them fun vintage clothing every three months.

    32. A Homesick candle scented like their home state, for a thoughtful and nostalgic gift.

    33. A Breath of the Wild goddess statue that won't grant them extra life or stamina — but will look pretty nice in their garden.

    34. A chocolate XBox controller to tell your partner that actually you do wanna play games.

    35. A giant plush toy, chocolate lollipop, or trio of candles shaped like a D20 to give to the DM of your heart.

    36. The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack — a celebration of 10 years of the internet's favorite dark comic strip. Just seeing the cover is making me so nostalgic for being online in 2005.

    37. A canvas backpack to show them that you always have their back — when it comes to keeping their school supplies all together.

    38. Happily — a subscription box that sends you and your partner everything you need for an amazing date. Answer a questionnaire and they'll plan your perfect activity.

    39. Ultra-soft and snuggly slippers with memory foam soles so they can feel like they're walking on air.

    40. A scratch-off poster so they can eat their way across the globe, and keep track for gourmand bragging rights.

    41. A canvas weekender bag to encourage them to take more trips. With you, hopefully.

    42. A sampler pack of tea drops — loose tea and sugar pressed into fun shapes that they can just just drop right into their mugs. Easy peasy!

    43. A pack of adorable bunny pens they can use in their journal to write about what a great Valentine's Day they had.

    44. Tequila Mockingbird — a book that takes inspiration from literature to make punny and delicious cocktail recipes.

    45. A Baby Yoda jigsaw puzzle and greeting card to match so they know you think they're the cutest thing in the galaxy.

    46. A copy of Random Illustrated Facts that will arm your trivia fan with even more useless information. Even if they already know some of these tidbits, the illustrations make the information feel new again.

    47. Pride puppy stickers that'll make anything they stick to instantly more adorable.

    48. A 12-pack of chocolate huckleberry bonbons decorated with Montana fly patterns for your beloved angler. When they're done eating the candy, they can use the tin to carry real fly fishing hooks.

    49. A shipment from BarkBox filled with themed toys that are almost too cute to tear apart.

    50. A colorful jewelry case that'll shine almost as bright as their jewels.

    51. A pair of rainbow leggings you can present to them as their official Netflix and chill uniform.

    52. A mesmerizing waterproof Bluetooth speaker that's so entertaining, turning it on will count as a date night.

    53. A set of matching Valentine's Day underwear that'll inspire a thank you note that'll be anything but brief.

    54. A bonsai tree growing kit so their mini trees can grow alongside your love for each other.

    55. A couple's bucket list kit so you can start setting shared goals and always have something to strive to together.

    56. A beanie they can put on before saying "aight, I'mma head out and go watch some Spongebob episodes in bed."

    57. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll let them play all their favorite games while on the move.

    58. A subscription to Book of the Month because they're going to need SOMETHING to do while hiding inside from the cold weather.

    59. Alcoholic gummies that have basically half a shot of booze in them. Chewing is the new sipping.

    60. A selection of Cadbury chocolate treats that'll let you bring them their favorite desserts from across the pond. It's sooo much cheaper than a plane ticket.

    61. A big ole' haul of scrunchies. Imagine how satisfying it would be to swim in a pool of scrunchies.