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    67 Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Put Their Ex To Shame

    It turns out love is a competition — and you're in it to win it.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. A bubble tea UV sanitizing stash box for their phones, masks, keys, or other odds and ends that need a quick zap. This is both practical and adorable, making it the ideal gift for sensible boba lovers.

    rectangular lidded box with design like smiling bubble tee

    2. A beginner embroidery kit in case your partner has been talking about picking up a new hobby.

    the embroidery hoop with floral design

    3. Or a latch hook kit for anyone looking for an extra easy (and therefore extra relaxing) hobby that results in a fun lil' rug!

    4. A boneless ribeye dry aged for at least 14 days that's hormone and antibiotic free. This tasty slab of beef will be the perfect first step towards an amazing romantic dinner.

    slab of meat in pan

    5. A pair of massaging slides so someone else can rub their feet for a change.

    model wears slides with nodes that massage soles of feet

    6. A golden brownstone chocolate bar gift set for the person who is always walking down certain city blocks and sighing wistfully. They may never own a real brownstone, but they can at least have the chocolate version.

    chocolate bars that are gold and look like brownstone buildings

    7. A challenging, circular puzzle you should only gift to people who are truly great-ient at jigsaw puzzles.

    8. A dehydrator for dried fruits, jerky, fruit leather, spices, dog treats, and any other thirsty-looking foods.

    9. An Up house picture frame to give to the Ellie to your Carl.

    frame shaped like the up house

    10. A sake and chocolate gift set sure to impress any New York lover. It comes with a bottle of Brooklyn Kura's dry-hopped junmai, two stem glasses, and two bars of Raaka chocolate made in collaboration with the NY Botanical Garden.

    11. A 62-piece cherry wood model for tiny building enthusiasts looking to construct their very own mini Guggenheim. What is this, a museum for ants?

    small wooden guggenheim

    12. The limited edition Balm Dotcom Roulette — they get three mystery lip balms (scents can be anything from birthday cake to coconut) encased in a gorgeous gold card deck pack for an extra sense casino-themed whimsy.

    13. A subscription to Candy Club for people whose sugar tooth can never be satisfied.

    four jars of candy (rainbow wheels, strawberry puffs, blue raspberry sour tape, and something chocolate)

    14. Why So Ever Bards Dispense Profanity — a fun party game that uses actual Shakespeare quotes to create some pretty hilarious situations.

    the card game

    15. A box of craft beer-infused caramels and peanut brittle for a delicious treat that will make them so hoppy.

    box of 12 caramels on top of box of brittle

    16. A murder mystery book featuring 20 cases that need to be solved by you and your partner, aka Holmes and Watson.

    17. Alcohol-scented soap for the perfect add-on present when you want to shower them in gifts.

    three soap boxes of soap in beer, wine, and whisky scents

    18. A box set of either Calvin and Hobbes or The Far Side. Studies have shown that either purchase increases happiness by 110%. Can't argue with that (totally made up) data.

    19. A personalized cookbook for your own personal Chrissy Teigen so they can keep track of all their favorite recipes.

    inside of the recipe book with a picture of food taped to the page

    20. A trendy paperclip bracelet made even cooler with an oversized pop tab charm. Anyone else used to wear pop tabs on chains as a kid? This is the adult version!

    gold bracelet

    21. A bath bomb (with a surprise die inside), chocolate lollipop, or trio of candles shaped like a D20 to give to the DM of your heart.

    22. An assortment of nuts that walnut fail to impress this Valentine's Day.

    round container with sections for each nut

    23. A custom pet portrait that will depict their pooch to be the royal rascal they know their pet to be.

    four portraits  of dogs in fancy victorian attire

    24. Twelve AM Co. furry slippers because their old house slippers are looking a little threadbare and sad. These fluffy slides are the perfect way to glam up their WFH look.

    model wearing the faux fur slippers in tan

    25. Fog of Love, which is part board game and part romantic comedy. Players meet, fall in love, and deal with all the ups and downs that come with some new relationships (plus some extra obstacles that are maybe less-than-realistic to spice up the gameplay).

    the board game

    26. A gift membership to Italic, a company that'll let them buy high-end clothing and home goods AT COST. This gift basically pays for itself.

    27. I Choose You (Every Day & Always) — a charming and relatable book about how your love is a conscious choice and something you build together.

    a book that says i choose you with two bunny people hugging on a planet in space

    28. A cozy fleece-lined hoodie with a satin lined hood made to be gentle on hair, and also just really snuggly.

    29. A couple's Question a Day journal that helps you two log and track your journey of ~love~.

    30. A subscription to Winc — a service that mails them tasty wines right to their door.

    the box of wine

    31. Or if they're more of a cocktail person, a bottle of artisanal vodka so smooth, they'll be tempted to drink it right from the bottle.

    the bottle of vodka

    32. A pair of baseball park map glasses to celebrate their favorite team, even if you're a fan of the rival team.

    red sock and dodger glasses with the logo on the bottom and the map of the stadium on the sides

    33. A mini tin of Tabasco chocolate proving their theory that hot sauce really does taste good on everything.

    tin of chocolate with tabasco label

    34. An elegant initial necklace for a seemingly thoughtful gift, even if you buy it super last minute. Thank yooou, Amazon Prime!

    large k pendent on necklace

    35. A Schrute Farms sweatshirt worth giving a really good TripAdvisor review for.

    crewneck sweatshirt that says shrute farms

    36. And a custom star mug you can give them, even if they forgot to go to Kelly's America's Got Talent viewing party.

    mug with light blue star with face photoshopped on it

    37. Aaaand a game of Guess Who? to really test their Office knowledge.

    guess who game with office characters

    38. A bag of Death Wish Coffee for people who like their coffee as black and intense as the Grim Reaper's cloak.

    hand holds bag of coffee

    39. Or a subscription to Atlas Coffee Club so their taste buds can travel to new countries every morning.

    hand holds mug of coffee and postcard for costa rica

    40. A pizza box filled with 'za-themed socks we promise aren't too cheesy.

    41. A heart-shaped box full of jerky, for loved ones who are always saying they prefer salty over sweet.

    heart shaped box with individually packaged jerky

    42. A five-pound bag of Albanese gummy bears to give to your sweetie with a sweet tooth.

    pile of gummy bears

    43. A book full of prompts on why you love them, because sometimes you need a little help finding the words.

    what i love you book

    44. Hot honey or truffle hot sauce to bring some 🔥heat🔥 to the relationship.

    45. A felt letter board so you can really spell out how much you care.

    letter board with wooden frame

    46. A gin making kit, which might be a fun project to do together — almost as fun as drinking it!

    the kit

    47. A Breath of the Wild goddess statue that won't grant them extra life or stamina — but will look pretty nice in their garden.

    statue shaped like praying angel from video game

    48. A 3-in-1 charging stand to keep their phone, pods, and watch fully-charged and right at eye-level so the "where is my phone?" conversation can happen, like 20% less.

    Black three in one charging station with white AirPods, black iPhone and black Apple watch

    49. A chocolate XBox controller to tell your partner that actually you do wanna play games.

    chocolate controller

    50. A