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    42 Unexpected Gifts That'll Put Santa To Shame

    You're about to put Santa out of business. Oh no, just think of all the unemployed elves. What're the reindeer gonna do? You monster.

    1. A subscription to Candy Club for people whose sugar tooth can never be satisfied.

    2. A custom pet portrait that will depict their pooch to be the royal rascal they know their pet to be.

    3. A hot sauce so good, they'll do the truffle shuffle after eating it.

    4. A knit throw blanket so their house can look ~sharp~.

    5. Or a chunky, velvet weighted blanket that's totally worth splurging on.

    6. A casual little bee house they can set up to invite tiny, flower-loving friends to their lawn.

    7. A Yellow Submarine Lego set for a gift that can't be beat-le.

    8. A cute corgi item for the dog lover in your life who can't get over those fuzzy butts.

    9. A 2020 Jeopardy! calendar with a different question and wager amount each day, so you can keep track of your hypothetical score throughout the year.

    10. A subscription service that sends them coffee and a classic book, plus some other goodies to help them get into the reading mood.

    11. A funny zip-up hoodie featuring the best Ice Cube/Ice-T collab anyone could ever hope for.

    12. A dachshund scarf that's a total weiner.

    13. A monthly shipment of quality, monogram goods that feel extra personal, no matter how last minute the purchase is.

    14. A personalized cookbook for your own personal Chrissy Teigen so they can keep track of all their favorite recipes.

    15. A fun book filled with comics that tell them what they already know: Cats are weird.

    16. A bag of super strong coffee and a matching keychain they'll like a latte.

    17. A clear umbrella for people who would much prefer if it rained men than water.

    18. A city map rocks glass to give to the person who just moved to a new city or is just really into the one they're living in now.

    19. A drop-dead gorgeous pack of candles from Otherland in lots of velvety winter smells everyone will enjoy.

    20. A challenging, circular puzzle you should only gift to people who are truly great-ient at jigsaw puzzles.

    21. A custom reel viewer that doubles down on nostalgia by letting them view their old photos in the coolest way possible.

    22. A Goat Yoga game featuring cards, a score pad, and — of course — an inflatable goat.

    23. A pair of Gumby socks — calling these an awesome gift would never be a stretch.

    24. An unofficial Harry Potter cookbook for plenty of ideas for what to throw in their cauldron.

    25. A pack of old-school NES cartridge coasters to encourage them to actually use a coaster, dangit!

    26. A Die Hard Christmas book proving once and for all that the classic action flick is really a holiday movie.

    27. A set of Little Feminist playing cards, so they can play the woman card, literally.

    28. A pack of hot chocolate sticks that they can dip and swirl in their mug for a sweet drink any time.

    29. A Marshall Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker so they can feel like they're jamming out with a tiny, baby amp.

    30. A legit wooden crate filled with a variety of different types of popcorn for the big snacker in your life.

    31. A snowman that breaks apart to reveal two candles and a match holder.

    32. A shiba sweatshirt perfect for anyone who wishes they were actually a dog.

    33. An unofficial cat-themed Monopoly game to play when you two want to learn about cat breeds while buying up real estate.

    34. A fake plant that's secretly a litter box for the cat owner who loves their kitten but doesn't love having a box of poop out on display.

    35. A Michael Scott quote print because they will miss 100% of the gifts you don't give them.

    36. A Central Perk light that will be their version of Michael Scott's St. Pauli Girl's neon light.

    37. A game of pachinko they can play with their bottle caps instead of loose change.

    38. A box filled with Japanese snacks that's waaayy cheaper than a plane ticket.

    39. A subscription to BootayBag so your partner can put off laundry day even longer.

    40. A dishwasher-safe airtight cold-brew maker that'll allow them to keep a caché for morning juice ready to go in the fridge.

    41. A beginner fondant art kit from Wilton and BuzzFeed's Tasty that will help amateur bakers make museum-worthy treats.

    42. A bottle of Drinkwel — hangover pills that will come in handy when the eggnog starts flowing.

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