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    38 Pieces Of Clothing Under $20 You're Going To Want To Buy Immediately

    High fashion at low prices.

    1. A semi-sheer bedazzled top for a dazzling new look.

    2. A blouse with crochet sleeves you'll feel really ~crafty~ about buying when you see the low price tag.

    3. A cardi with a lot of personality to make up for days when you don't feel like being charming yourself.

    4. An elegant maxi dress chic enough to carry you from holiday parties to New Year's Eve to Valentine's Day.

    5. A sheer top that comes in lots of different styles, so surely on version will ~mesh~ with your aesthetic.

    6. Or an applique top to crank your fanciness to 11.

    7. A stylish pair of patterned leggings so affordable, it'll feel like cheetah-ing.

    8. A fancy blouse for people who expect their co-workers to ~bow~ down to their great fashion sense.

    9. A mini zipper skirt ready to make you zip over to find your wallet asap.

    10. A velvet wrap dress sexy enough to make even Santa blush.

    11. A metallic cardigan that's a stone ~gold~ great investment for your New Year's Eve outfit.

    12. A colorblock sheath dress almost guaranteed to give you a promotion, because only a total boss could dress so well.

    13. A denim skirt that doubles as proof that you really do have pockets full of sunshine. Sunshine refracted through moisture in the air to create rainbows, specifically.

    14. A burnt orange top with dramatic sleeves to help you take ~fire~ Instagrams.

    15. A henley shirt you'll talk about so much, everyone will ask you to ~button~ it.

    16. A pair of tie pants your getaway sticks could really use.

    17. A fuzzy periwinkle jacket sure to make you happier and cuddlier than a Carebear.

    18. A pair of baggy overalls sure to be an ~overall~ great investment.

    19. A velvet tank so nice, it might lead to some heavy petting — as in, you petting this top pretty much all day. What did you think I meant?

    20. A classic midi skirt that must have been what Taylor Swift was singing about, because it's never going out of style.

    21. A sexy plunge crop top sure to be ~tied~ to your hip all year.

    22. A corduroy overall dress for anyone who knows that Corduroy the bear is a fashion icon.

    23. A scallop sweatshirt with a faux shirt for tricking people into thinking you're a master layerer.

    24. A pair of fancy velvet leggings everyone will immediately have a ~crush~ on.

    25. A drapey cardigan ready to make every outfit even better.

    26. A floral hoodie that might also make for a great gift — better put that idea in your back pocket (or front hoodie pouch) for later.

    27. A shift dress for looking cute as a button.

    28. A long-sleeve top with a surprise ruffle, for people who are business in the front and fashion in the back.

    29. A fluffy tulle skirt to wear when you need to bring the drama.

    30. A camo sweater in a nice pastel shade that'll ironically help you stand out from the crowd.

    31. A tie-front frock you do ~knot~ want to miss out on.

    32. A peplum top so trendy, you might forget you own any other shirts.

    33. An oversized cardigan so snuggly, you might fall asleep in it.

    34. A bodycon dress that'll (criss-)cross your mind every day until you finally buy it.

    35. A sleeved shift dress pretty much made to be worn with a scarf.

    36. A leopard-print sweater that probably looks like something you've been on the prowl for for a while.

    37. A cold shoulder dress you'll never want to ~cut~ out of your life.

    38. And a rainbow sweater for anyone with ~unparalleled~ taste.

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