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    21 Easy Ways To De-Stress After A Rough Day


    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite ways to relax after a particularly hectic day. Here are their soothing recommendations:

    1. Hide from people and surround yourself with nature.

    2. Pull a Sleeping Beauty and go straight to sleep.

    3. Revel in the love of your furry friends.

    4. Distract yourself with some serious entertainment.

    5. Get out some aggression with a video game.

    6. Surround yourself with all your favorite scents and smells.

    7. Go for a run (or rollerblade) to clear your head.

    8. Take a bath with some enhancements, like bubble bath, bath salts, or a bath bomb.

    9. Drown the troubles of the day in a big bowl of cheese.

    10. Add a face mask to your daily routine and make your chores way more relaxing.

    11. Let your favorite band fill your ears and push out anything unpleasant from the day.

    12. Hit the gym and leave your stress at the door.

    13. Find a nice spot to sit with an instrument and make some peaceful music (just not "Wonderwall").

    14. Set the mood and enjoy some wisdom from Dr. Phil.

    15. Get to know yourself better with some personality quizzes.

    16. Let it at all out.

    17. Get a neck pillow that you can heat up, for easing some neck tension in the absence of a personal masseuse.

    18. Let it out while you scroll through BuzzFeed's shopping section.

    19. Put everything off for later.

    20. Find something low-key and creative to play so you can turn your brain off.

    21. Enjoy the great outdoors with the help of a kayak and some weed.

    22. Remember to take it easy once in a while and try one of these tricks for some downtime.

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    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.