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    24 Ways To Treat Your Poor, Tired Feet

    Why should hands get all the attention and fancy lotions?

    1. Splurge on a luxurious foot bath to douse your throbbing extremities in at the end of a long day.

    2. Or be a little frugal with a more modest foot bath from Conair that will still get the job done.

    3. Skip the face mask and cover up your feet with a peeling foot mask.

    4. Bring the relaxation of the beach to your home with foot cream that comes with its own little surfboard that helps you exfoliate.

    5. Pamper your feet like crazy with a whole kit made to go with your Clarisonic.

    6. Say goodbye to your calluses and dead skin with the help of this electronic file with diamond crystals.

    7. Take a trip to the Dead Sea without leaving your bathroom and slather your tootsies up with some mud foot cream.

    8. Keep your heels moisturized and happy with open-toed socks with gels in the heels.

    9. Feel comfortable and downright adorable with a pair of fuzzy, wuzzy bear slippers.

    10. Combat planter fasciitis with a spiny ball you can roll your feet on.

    11. Make your feet feel new and fresh with peppermint foot scrub.

    12. Stretch out your feet with this spiny, abacus-like roller.

    13. Stop skulking outside Brookstone and finally bring home an electric foot massager, because you DESERVE IT.

    14. Soak away your troubles (like toenail fungus, athlete's foot, and smelly feet) with this miracle tea tree oil soak.

    15. Give your feet some padding with two gel cushions to make you feel like you're walking on air.

    16. Feel super glamorous while fighting bunions, callouses, and crooked toes with this gemmed out toe separator.

    17. Deck out your paws with some colorful pom-poms when you're feeling fancy.

    18. Bravely wear new shoes without a fear of blisters thanks to Skin Glide and Foot Glide.

    19. Sign up for a monthly gift for your feet and get socks delivered right to your door.

    20. Get a whole kit dedicated to turning your barking dogs into happy pups.

    21. Freshen up sweaty feet with the delightful smells of rose and geranium found in Lush's Twinkle Toes foot powder.

    22. Dip your feet in a soak made with an appropriately shaped bath bomb.

    23. Let your feet shed all their dead skin with this Super Peeling Liquid.

    24. Bring the pedicure home with a combination pumice stone and nail brush—that's shaped like a foot.

    These feet are made for walking (and pampering).