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    Time To Celebrate Because shopDisney Is Having A Huge Sale And Some Things Are Even 40% Off

    Deals from Disney are the best deals of all.

    Hey there, Disney fans! Have I got some magical news for you: shopDisney is having a big sale with items marked up to 40% off. That's almost half off!

    shopDisney has all kinds of cool items, from apparel to home goods. You can snag deals on stuff for your kid, your partner, and of course you! Let's take a look at just *some* of what's on sale.

    1. A children's faux leather jacket for the tiniest, trendiest biker kid you know. Motorcycle not included, but their bicycle will probably fit the bill.

    small child in black jacket with silver mickey mouses

    2. A Toy Story 4 tumbler with a freakin' SNOW GLOBE on top. Buzz Lightyear has never looked so cool. And he looks cool pretty much all the time! Remember Mrs. Nesbitt? What a look.

    toy story water bottle with straw and snowglobe on top

    3. Speaking of snow globes, a Beauty and the Beast rose that — unlike the source material — won't wither or pressure you to fall in love. Not that it matters, because you'll fall in love with this snow globe at first sight!

    snow globe shaped like the bell jar with the rose in it

    4. A silicone mold for tasty treats shaped like all your Disney park faves, including the Mickey ear hat, Fantasyland castle, Small World clock face, and mouse balloon. Does the clock face still creep me out as an adult? Yes. Will I still eat it in chocolate or cake pop form? Also yes.

    mold shaped like various park items

    5. A 40th anniversary Fox and the Hound pin that will make you weep on sight. Sorry!

    pin of the fox and hound playing

    6. An Anna and Elsa zip-up stationery kit so you and your kiddo can color in pictures of Olaf to your hearts' delight.

    7. A Nala plush toy your kid will love playing with. Just make sure they don't accidentally tumble into an elephant graveyard.

    nala plush

    8. A set of tropical Mickey plates for all your backyard hangs. Summer is not over yet, folks! Enjoy it while you can.

    mickey and monster plates

    9. A Baby Yoda beach towel that'll instantly make your child the coolest kid at the beach.

    baby yoda towel

    10. A Mickey Mouse pullover sweatshirt featuring the many moods of the mouse.

    adult in mickey mouse sweatshirt

    Obviously there's plenty more to see, so head over to shopDisney to shop the full sale.