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    34 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

    Some fun items include: a cactus humidifier, a lunar music box, coffee eye shadow, edible candles, etc. Prices start at $4, so how could you resist???

    1. A set of adorable enamel pins — the purrfect way to get a hop-start on your pin collection.

    2. An eye shadow palette inspired by coffee, so you can really look awake in the morning.

    3. A pack of zodiac animal picks you can use to pick up food or mark drinks at a party.

    4. A burger mug almost as cool as the hamburger phone from Juno, and definitely more functional.

    5. A set of sparkly desk drawers for a more magical way of organizing your odds and ends.

    6. A mushroom light that will one-up your bedroom decor.

    7. A set of edible candles, because no one wants a waxy birthday cake.

    8. A pawsome cat trash can you'll want to fill with stuff right meow.

    9. A lunar music box that plays music and projects lights on the ceiling.

    10. A damn fine pie plate for Twin Peaks–loving bakers.

    11. A sassy carry-all pouch that will give you paw-se.

    12. A flamingo float-shaped lip balm to enjoy even when you don't have access to a pool.

    13. 50 Shades of Bacon — a delectable cookbook parody of the wildly popular romance novel.

    14. A mystery blind box that'll give you one delightful cat dessert keychain.

    15. A Totoro needle-felting kit that'll make for an adorable crafting session.

    16. A glamorous llama pen for some woolly cool office decor.

    17. A charming cactus humidifier to bring into arid climates that could use a little hit of moisture.

    18. A T-shirt with a tiny Luna in the pocket, so you can have a built-in sidekick while you fight crime by moonlight.

    19. A Frenchie laptop vinyl made to cuteify your MacBook.

    20. A miniature camera clock necklace for a picture-perfect outfit.

    21. A pig-shaped ottoman that will age in your home like fine swine.

    22. A retro set of NES cartridge coasters to show everyone you're not playing when it comes to water rings on your coffee table.

    23. A pineapple mold for fun-shaped ice, chocolate, gummies, and more.

    24. A multi-chrome nail polish that has as much dimension and shine as you do.

    25. A pack of bookplate stickers, so you can start your own library and actually get back the books you lend out.

    26. A foam squish toy that's a peachy way to de-stress.

    27. A set of fine art socks worth hanging in a museum, or at the very least, wearing on your feet.

    28. A pair of dapper bunny erasers you'll be hoppy to have.

    29. Or planet erasers repping the whole solar system.

    30. A pack of lenticular bird playing cards for a game that's anything but one-sided.

    31. A tube of coconut-flavored toothpaste for anyone who wants their morning routine to feel like a tropical getaway.

    32. A mountain range cork board with matching pine tree push pins, so you can make your own landscape without watching a single episode of Joy of Painting.

    33. A frog-shaped crossbody purse for a ribbiting new look.

    34. A screaming goat statuette so you can annoy your coworkers after they spoil another podcast for you.

    And here are even more things you don't need.

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