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    30 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

    'Cause we are living in a material world.

    1. A Bob Ross chia pet you can nurture into growing a formidable 'fro.

    2. A glittery enamel pin for people who shed their old life every moon cycle.

    3. A mind-bending ring celebrating a very classic optical illusion.

    4. A pair of fake monstera leaves for people who can't manage to keep real plants in the house.

    5. A snazzy gadget that makes cleaning your glasses way easier (not that it was ever a hard task).

    6. A pistachio-shaped bowl perfect for serving all your best snacks in.

    7. A fidget spinner that doubles as a lip gloss container so everything you need is in one place.

    8. An inflatable unicorn horn for feeling magical on demand.

    9. A pair of ~very fashionable~ fish shoes for swimming up to the pool in style.

    10. A pair of shorts that will make your butt look ADORABLE.

    11. A pack of fly-shaped push pins for keeping up all your buzziest notes and pictures.

    12. A super cool dog patch that keeps the summer vibes going all year long.

    13. A nostalgic candle scented with the general essence of your home state or city.

    14. A witchy marble notebook with 111 pages and 17 illustrations for feeling like you really did get into magic school.

    15. A narwhal mug for enjoying coffee with maple syrup in it.

    16. A no vacancy keychain perfect for motel enthusiasts.

    17. A light-up vase for having the fanciest night light in town.

    18. An unbelievable flamingo light bulb you definitely shouldn't cover with a lamp shade.

    19. A motion sensor candy dispenser for feeling like Willy Wonka in your own home.

    20. A charming Harry Potter bookmark that puts a pair of glasses on the pages of your book.

    21. An iridescent cocktail set for making super flashy cocktails.

    22. A spooky spoon that lets you put literal sugar skulls into your coffee.

    23. A bottle of edible bubbles for kids who want to put everything in their mouths.

    24. A peaceful dog planter for zen vibes every time you look at it.

    25. A Pickle Rick ornament made out of polymer clay and broken promises to the family.

    26. A Nightmare Before Christmas teapot for getting ready for Halloween with some pumpkin spice tea.

    27. A breathtaking tote bag inspired by everyone's favorite water adventure shoe line.

    28. A pair of elastic laces that will make tying your shoes a thing of the past.

    29. A collection of yoga dice to help you create your own routine.

    30. A cat watch that can't tell the time but will make you smile.

    Who knew shopping could be so fun?