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30 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

'Cause we are living in a material world.

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9. A pair of ~very fashionable~ fish shoes for swimming up to the pool in style.

11. A pack of fly-shaped push pins for keeping up all your buzziest notes and pictures.


14. A witchy marble notebook with 111 pages and 17 illustrations for feeling like you really did get into magic school.


16. A no vacancy keychain perfect for motel enthusiasts.

19. A motion sensor candy dispenser for feeling like Willy Wonka in your own home.


21. An iridescent cocktail set for making super flashy cocktails.

Dazzle your guests without even having to learn any bartending tricks.

Get it on Amazon for $33.94 or on Asos for $32.


27. A breathtaking tote bag inspired by everyone's favorite water adventure shoe line.

You can even put charms in the holes like real Crocs.

Get it on Amazon for $15+ (available in six colors).


29. A collection of yoga dice to help you create your own routine.

Throw the seven wooden dice and create thousands of variations of yoga practices.

Get it on Amazon for $16.95 or on Asos for $21.