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    34 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

    You don't need this stuff...or do you?

    1. A laptop compact mirror that works a little better than your front facing camera.

    2. A Totoro pencil cup and mousepad to make your desk 100% cuter.

    3. A pack of cactus keychains for you and five people you don't think succ-ulent.

    4. Or some cactus socks so cute, you'll make a *point* of taking your shoes off when you visit friends.

    5. A unicorn planter that will look so good in your home, it will feel like magic.

    6. A Bob Ross board game to play when your family needs to wind down after a particularly tense game of Monopoly.

    7. A blind box that delivers one Disney VHS keychain that ACTUALLY OPENS and reveals a mini VHS tape.

    8. A side mirror sticker for wannabe race car drivers.

    9. A meow-gic eight ball that gives purrfect fortunes every time.

    10. An unofficial Harry Potter cookbook for plenty of ideas for what to throw into your cauldron.

    11. A bottle of Drinkwel — hangover pills that will seriously save you the headache of accidentally drinking too much, literally.

    12. A spooky or world map tapestry to breathe some new life into your home.

    13. A pair of cool as heck shades to throw on when you've had enough of people for the day — everyone will just have to deal with it.

    14. A lavender coconut milk shampoo bar that ensures you get every drop of your product, because it's bottle-free.

    15. A soft wrap or criss-cross bralette, because uncomfortable underwire has no place in self care.

    16. A bouncy ball making kit for a fun activity with your kids on a rainy afternoon.

    17. A sneaky looking water bottle that's only judging you a little bit for not drinking enough water throughout the day.

    18. A faux shearling coat for your fashionable dog when its time for their debut on Fargo.

    19. A Pokémon lighter so you can say "Charmander, use ember!" every time you use it.

    20. A welcome mat that celebrates the canine way of greeting.

    21. A Mystery Machine embroidered patch to make you an honorary member of the Scooby gang.

    22. A box of offensive business cards for when you're too mad to actually speak.

    23. The Scale of Things — a book that really puts things into perspective.

    24. A large bag of hot skittles so you can know what a rainbow on fire tastes like.

    25. A colorful game of Mario chess you don't have to ~shell~ out for.

    26. A set of light-up laces for one part safety and two parts pizazz.

    27. A blind box featuring a mystery mushroom magnet that just might GLOW IN THE DARK. What a fun-ghi purchase!

    28. A perfume holder for petty people who prefer their revenge served room temperature in a spritz bottle.

    29. A tiny brush and dustpan that fit neatly together when you're not using them.

    30. OK hear me out: a butt mask — yes, a butt mask — that will have your booty looking its best.

    31. Speaking of butts, a reverse merperson somehow even more alluring than the ones that seduced sailors to their death.

    32. A pair of elegant bookends beautiful enough to grace the sides of your wonderful book collection.

    33. A squeal-worthy lemur sweater with little pom-poms on the sleeves. You better move it-move it and get it now before it's gone!

    34. A holiday-scented candle, because it's never too early to get excited for the smell of pines needles and sugar cookies.

    How I feel adding all this stuff to my cart:

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